9 Best Places Students Must Visit While Studying in the UK

Many students dream of studying in the UK, but not everyone is fortunate enough to get this opportunity. The individuals who do put their utmost effort into achieving their academic goals. And while working hard is key to success, taking a break from a busy schedule and exploring new places to relax your mind is important too. When you explore new places, you will learn about the culture, customs, history, tourist spots, and historical trade. The beauty of the United Kingdom is that you can easily find beautiful places to visit. Most British essay writers in the UK visit such picturesque destinations to refresh their minds.

Here in this blog, we will reveal the list of the most breathtaking places students should visit in the UK:

1.      London

If you study in England or surrounding cities, you should start your travel journey from London. There you will find many interesting places to visit. If you’re lucky to have your university in the city, you can explore various places in your spare time. Most individuals know about famous tourist attractions, but there are also various hidden gems you can find by interacting with the locals.

You can visit museums, coffee shops, and clubs and have fun enjoying beautiful street art. Furthermore, don’t forget to visit famous places like Big Ben, the Beatles’ ‘Abbey Road’, and the Leavesden Studios (many Harry Potter movies were filmed there).

2.      Bath

Bath is located in the South West of England. A city you must visit to relax and refresh your mind. The mineral-rich resources add more attraction to its beauty. And apart from its landscapes and scenery, Bath’s Georgian architecture is a wonder to behold. So, if you ever feel stressed, take a break and explore the city to de-stress and motivate yourself.

Now, if you are travelling from London, you can commute by train, reach there in 90 minutes, and make your day memorable by exploring Roman baths. This is one of the most breathtaking destinations you can visit in South West England.

3.      Edinburgh

If you are studying in the UK and planning to travel to places with rich histories, add the capital of Scotland as one of your go-to destinations. However, you cannot explore Edinburgh in a one-day trip, so plan a few days to explore the city’s beautiful places.

The city is famous because around 12 major festivals are organized yearly, making it one of the world’s most prominent cities. When you visit, you will experience the beauty of the Old Town’s cobbled streets and the neo-classical architecture of the New Town. You will love to explore these two diverse eras. Last but not the least, visit the seaside town, North Berwick, which you can reach in 30 minutes via a train ride from Edinburgh. It will make your tour memorable.

4.      Oxford

Oxford is also known as “The City of Dreaming Spires.” London residents can reach there in an hour as it is 60 miles northwest of London. You can visit many destinations, like various universities, the Pitt Rivers Museum, and breathtaking gardens.

If you like books, you will love this city. Oxford inspired many famous authors. For instance, Lewis Carroll wrote Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland when he lived here. In addition, many other famous online essay writer uk, including C.S. Lewis and Thomas Hardy, got inspiration from the city. You can also pay a visit to Blackwell, one of the largest academic bookshops in the UK, and the University of Oxford itself—the institute that gave the city its name.

5.      Cambridge

Cambridge city was named in honour of the famous University of Cambridge in England. It is the second-best and one of the most ancient universities in Britain. Many people visit it to view its beautiful architecture. You can reach there by train or car through the River Cam or take a walking tour to make your tour memorable if you want to enjoy it more.

If you’re not into architecture, there are other things you can do:

  • Go out for long walks on the pretty winding streets
  • Punt across the River Cam
  • Visit museums and bookstores

and more!

6.      Liverpool

Liverpool is known for having the Beatles residing there, and music enthusiasts love to visit all the places they have resided and played at. However, if you think Liverpool is famous for only this reason, you might be wrong. Fancy coffee shops and theatres add more charm to the beauty of the place. You can also go out on a sightseeing trip! So, if you study in the UK, add this city to your go-to places.

7.      Brighton

Brighton is a coastal city famous for its stunning beaches and stone houses with crystal blue waters. It is a magnificent seaside resort town known as “London by the sea.” You can visit there by train because the service is available in the seaside town. In addition, you can visit the following to enjoy your trip:

  • Beaches
  • Clubs
  • Restaurants
  • Beautiful flea markets
  • Museums
  • Art galleries
  • Vineyards
  • Gentrified Regency squares

With this list, it’s safe to say you won’t get bored here. Brighton offers something for everyone!

8.      Lake District

Lake District is located in the North West of England’s mountainous region. Are you a nature lover? If yes, you must visit this place. You can go on various adventures like trekking and camping in the mountains. According to a recent survey, 15.8 million visitors visit the Lake District each year. Most tourists travel there to enjoy the scenery, quiet, and peace. However, many people visit other famous places or participate in outdoor activities.

So, if you are in the UK, you can add Lake District to your must-visit areas and go there during your holidays to relax your mind.

9.      Beaches of Yorkshire

Yorkshire’s beaches are famous because of the crystal blue waters and dramatic cliffs, which give you a breathtaking view. These beaches are great places to visit for people who like dramatic coastlines, beautiful beaches, medieval abbeys, and castles. The best thing about them is you can visit them any time of the year and enjoy a peaceful time there.

If you’re looking for a town to stay in, these are some of the best beachside ones:

  • Bridlington
  • Filey
  • Robin Hood’s Bay
  • Runswick Bay
  • Sandsend
  • Scarborough
  • Whitby

In a Nutshell

If you get an opportunity to study in the UK, you are lucky to pursue your education in one of the most beautiful countries in the world. So, if you face stress while studying, you can explore famous cities and destinations during weekends, semester breaks, or holidays. It will refresh your mind.

Pack your bags, and gather some friends to make your trip more memorable. However, if you are wondering how to manage your studies while visiting these places, contact our nursing essay writer uk for assistance.

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