7 Secrets to Deliciously Perfect Cake Smash Photos

7 Secrets to Deliciously Perfect Cake Smash Photos

Want to take deliciously perfect cake smash photos? Cake smash photography has become a fun way to capture the exciting moments of birthday milestones. While the term is primarily famous for baby birthdays, adults can also make full use of the session. Whether you hire a professional photographer or plan to take photos yourself, our cake small photography tips and tricks will help you take the perfect images of the event. 

What is Cake Smash Photography?

Before we get to the secrets, let’s cover some basics. 

Cake smash photography is exactly what the term says. This type of photography session is where your cute muffin gets to destroy and eat the cake for the camera. These sessions are usually for the first birthdays. You can also use these photographs as invitations to your child’s actual birthday party. 

Tips and Tricks to Make Perfectly Delicious Cake Smash Photos

Follow these steps to take amazing photos of your child’s first birthday:

1. Start with some basics shots

Get some basic shots of the baby first. Take some regular portrait shots of the baby before placing the cake near them. These are the shots when the baby is clean and can’t wait to demolish the cake.

2. Posing baby with parents

Ask the parents to place the baby near the cake while you’re ready to capture the moment with your camera. You don’t want to miss the first instant of cuteness. Then, you may take a few photographs of parents smiling as they see their little one having fun. This will be great for a cute family photo as well.

3. Frosting cake

You need to ensure the cake is made with frosting because fondant cakes can potentially choke the child. So, it’s better to be safe at all times with a toddler. They can put things into their mouth within an instant.

4. Make the cake look adorable

The cake should look adorable as much as possible for better photos. You can also ask the parents to add accessories they like or suggest to you. But make sure to include only a couple of things and not an entire bag of toys. Make sure to discuss the color options before the session and match it with the theme.

5. Treats inclusiveness!

If you provide the cake, bring a few treats from the same bakery for parents. After all, watching the delicious cake smashed before your eyes makes you crave it! This will also help you win a few extra points with mom and dad.

6. Funny things behind the camera

It would be best if you made the child laugh as you capture the moments. The best way to do it is to have parents sing, clap, or dance behind the camera. Babies love their parents because they’re familiar with them. This way, the baby will likely laugh in joy, and you will get a chance to capture the adorable moments. Don’t forget to thank the parents for their efforts!

7. Be ready with a fast shutter

You will need to set your camera to a fast shutter. This will come in handy when the little one does something quick and worth capturing. Babies are lightning-fast, so you better be ready to match their speed.

Professional Cake Smash Photographer in Houston

Babies are fun, but they can be moody as well. At one moment, they want to do something.  At the other, they are jumping to escape. You might need professional cake smash photography to celebrate the special occasion with your child. It’s a fun session tailor-made for a baby’s first birthday. Whatever they do, the photographer will make sure to capture it. For this reason, contact Karoll Photography and celebrate this important milestone in the cutest and messiest way.

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