6 Best Sites With Free Drama Movies

Drama movies

You can watch hundreds of free drama movies online right now. You will not only save money but will also be able to watch these free online movies anytime and anywhere you want because the majority are also available through free movie applications.

You can watch The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, The Babysitters, Open Window, The Outsiders, and Personal Effects, among other notable drama films. There are plenty of additional hidden gems that you will like.

Given below are the best apps to watch free drama movies from your smartphone. These apps will give you a perfect time. Pick any single app and start watching your favorite shows and dramas without losing any money.


Yidio has a massive library of free drama movies. However, bear in mind that this site aggregates both free and paid videos from all over the internet, so some sources need you to pay to buy or rent the film.

Choose “Free” as the source and “Drama” as the category to find only free dramas.

Here are some of the free drama movies I was able to view last time I visited Yidio: Groundhog Day, Twilight, Flipped, The Passion of the Christ, and Ninja are just a few examples.

Vagner Tv

Crackle is a popular movie streaming service that offers a wide range of films, including dramas. You can scroll through a one-page list to see only the drama videos, and the list is sortable by date so you can remain on top of all the freshly uploaded movies.

We’ve seen movies like American Loser, Broken Promise, Apostasy, The Great Debaters, Outlaw Justice, Mother, and Too Close to Home.

Click Vagner TV to download the app.

Pluto TV

Pluto TV is unique in that it functions similarly to a traditional TV service, with movies and programs streaming live. You can’t rewind or fast forward, so you search the guide for anything to watch. There is an entire channel devoted to drama films.

The alternative option to utilize this service is to view on-demand movies, which is similar to how the other streaming sites on our list work. See Pluto TV’s catalog of on-demand drama movies for further information. Cake Eaters, Factory Girl, Venus, Moon, Return to Zero, 1900, Boys on the Side, Rain Man, and Fences are just a few examples.


Peacock also has a seemingly unending page of drama movies. This service is compatible with a wide range of devices, but not everything you watch is free.

Some of the movies have a blue feather symbol in the corner; those titles are not free. Everything else is completely free to stream, but you’ll need a user account to do so (which is also completely free).

Everything featured through the link below is classified as a drama film, but another entertaining method to find something to watch is on the highlights page. It divides some of the drama films into intriguing areas such as Season Streaming, Prestige Pictures, Actor Collections, and Dynamic Duos.

The Roku Channel

Hundreds of free drama movies can also be found on the Roku Channel. There are numerous high-quality films here, many of which are younger than some of the other films on this list.

However, because there are no filtering or sorting tools, finding anything to watch might be a little more difficult than on these other sites. There is a drama-only page to avoid viewing all of the other movie categories at the same time. You can’t use that page to search for movies, it also offers paid alternatives, as well as drama series.


Popcornflix offers hundreds of free dramas, including The Messenger, Elizabeth Blue, Fallout, Penitentiary, United Passions, and The Man From Nowhere.

The website is straightforward to use and free of the clutter that other sites have. But it is still limited in a few areas, such as the inability to sort by popularity or release date.


We have completed the list of the best apps to watch free drama movies. You can pick any app from this list and use it as your mini TV. All of them are free to use but few of them have premium options too, you can buy the premium if you want. Otherwise you can enjoy the free services of these amazing tools.

By commenting down below, let us know which app you have picked and why?

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