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5 Ways Businesses Can Benefit From Text Message Marketing

Text Message Marketing is marketing a business or product via text messages, specifically by sending messages to customers. You can execute it in various ways, often through automated phone calls or personal texts. The business owner enters phone numbers into the system, and the system will automatically send out pre-configured text messages.


This form of marketing is ideal for businesses because it is a personal promotion that reaches customers directly. It’s also easy to set up, and you can use it to reach many customers quickly and efficiently. Here are five ways businesses can benefit from Text Message Marketing:


1. It’s Inexpensive


Several companies are available for automated messaging that allows you to send out texts for a small fee per text. This can be an excellent way to get your message to your target audience. Texts are also very brief and can be sent out from almost anywhere. You can also easily send them from your computer, a cell phone, or a web server. This makes it easy for customers to contact you without remembering any contact information.


Most people have cell phones so that you will reach audiences you would not usually reach through traditional marketing. Automated messaging does not require technical expertise or complicated systems, making it cheap for businesses. You can enter the number on which you want to send texts in the system and then select from several pre-defined messages – or create your custom text.


2. Helps in Gathering Feedback


Another benefit of using a text messaging service for business is it is a way to gather feedback from potential customers. For example, you can easily send a text message to your current customers and find out how they feel about your products.


This type of feedback is helpful because you can use this information to determine which changes are essential and which are not. Some companies only offer their products on the Internet, but others sell some or all of their products through retail stores. In this case, you can use text messaging to gather feedback from potential customers while shopping at your retail store.


You can consider including a line asking customers to text their feedback to you or include a link in your marketing texts that will allow them to do so. This lets you learn about suggested improvements and new features of your product without taking it away from your customers.


3. Boosts Your Business Visibility


Your visibility is a primary determinant of the success of your business. Unlike traditional marketing options, text messaging provides a simple way for you to let people know about your business quickly and effectively.


One of the significant benefits of increased business visibility is that it boosts your sales volumes. This is helpful for small businesses as it gives them an easy way to inspire their existing and new clients.


4. Building Customer Loyalty


Customer loyalty is the number one goal for most businesses. When you allow customers to interact with your business, they often take advantage of the unique opportunity. This means they will more likely become loyal to your business and keep returning for more. Additionally, text messaging makes it easy for you to gain and maintain contact with new customers. This will help increase your sales volume and maintain your customer base.


5. Easy to Integrate with Other Marketing Tools


You can easily integrate the automated messaging system with your other marketing tools with text message marketing. You can send automated messages to people who visit your website and follow your business on social networking sites.


That way, you can communicate directly with your customers wherever they are. In addition, you can integrate your text messaging service with your email service provider or CRM system. This will enable you to create a complete database of all your contacts, clients, and potential customers.


In addition, customers will get the information very quickly and do not have to worry about missing any vital business marketing information. The process is easy for you and the customer, making it a valuable marketing tool.




If you haven’t already implemented text message marketing as part of your company’s marketing strategy, now might be the time. This great new form of marketing offers numerous benefits to your business. If you want to start testing automated messaging solutions for your business, find a leading provider of automated marketing solutions immediately.

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