5 Questions to Ask a Call Center Company Before Partnering with Them

When you first decide to partner with a call center company, it might seem like there are too many options to pick from. The best way to find one that not only fits your needs but will also go above and beyond is by asking the right questions. Here are five questions to help you find the perfect call center partner for your business.

What Is the Agent-to-Supervisor Ratio at Your Call Center Company?

This might not seem like one of the most critical factors at first, but the success of the call center outsourcing company you partner with can be significantly affected by their agent-to-supervisor ratio. With too many agents and not enough supervisors, training and ongoing coaching can be difficult. The call agents won’t have the resources and direct support they need to give your customers the best experience possible.

Ask your prospective call center about their agent-to-supervisor ratio. In this case, the lower, the better. 12:1 is optimal, and you should look for a company that offers a similar ratio. When you find a company that offers this ratio, you know you are partnering with a call center that cares not only about you and your business but also about their agents.

What Industries Do You Have Experience In?

Experience is what sets the best call center company apart from the rest. While specialization in a specific industry can be helpful, proven success in many different verticals shows that your prospective call center offers the skills and knowledge to pivot toward different markets. Don’t just ask the call center about their results in your industry. Ask them how they succeed in anything from healthcare to financial services and even B2B outreach. The best call centers are capable of meeting a variety of needs.

Do You Focus on Inbound or Outbound Services?

It may come as a surprise, but not all call centers are for inbound services. While the classic call center experience involves customers calling in to get support, some call centers also offer outbound services. Whether for marketing or sales purposes, this can be a valuable service for growing businesses.

The best call center companies offer both inbound and outbound services, so you can find success when you partner with them. Make sure to ask around and find a center that provides both.

What’s Your Training and Ongoing Coaching System Like?

It’s vital that the call center you partner with works closely with you to design custom training plans. This helps their agents and supervisors dial into your company’s tone, personality, and goals. When your customers pick up the phone, it will be like talking to someone right there in your main office. That’s why you should ask questions about their training programs and if they offer ongoing coaching to their agents to ensure they closely align with your business’ priorities.

Is There Anything You Offer Besides Call Center Services?

Don’t hang up the phone just yet. There’s one more question you should ask your future call center partner. You need to know what else they offer besides their call services. The best companies provide services like a business intelligence unit that monitors your campaign’s numbers and analytics.

Data is important for your business, and a call center that provides this data, builds full-scale plans around it, and offers fleshed-out reporting services makes everything that much easier for you. A call center with these extras will be the best for your business.

About DialAmerica

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