5 Offbeat Places to Visit in The Upper Peninsula, Michigan

Places to Visit in The Upper Peninsula, Michigan

Regardless of how much time you have spent in MI , there’s always something new and exciting to discover here. Landscape lovers, historians, and nature enthusiasts will all find something they love among the unique flora and fauna of Michigan. But, what enchants the Colorado beetles like me is that of the light-green farmland and picturesque villages of the Upper Peninsula, which has been the vacation hotspot for most Midwesterners. The Upper Peninsula is renowned for its unspoiled wilderness, waterfalls, and coastal villages.

Best Time to Visit the Upper Peninsula

The Upper Peninsula experiences very severe weather with a moderate possibility of snow during both spring and summer. Therefore, late spring and early summer are when flights to Michigan are cheapest, making it the most productive time to visit the area.

Discover the Wilderness of Upper Peninsula

The Upper Peninsula, with its dense forests, is a great place to enjoy nature. Far from all the turmoil of the city, this zone offers a variety of enjoyable activities, including ocean-crossing boat trips, bird-watching hikes through lush forests, waterfall hunting, and more. It is a great spot where you can participate in a number of exciting activities.

1. Admire the Northern Lights

You do not need to go to Fairbanks, Alaska, to see the beauty of the northern lights or incredible aurora borealis, as the Upper Peninsula falls within one of the darkest areas of Lake Superior. Head to the southern shore of Lake Superior to see this spectacle, far away from illuminating sights.

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2. Bird Spotting

Not surprisingly, because the Upper Peninsula is on the path that birds take in the autumn, it’s an excellent spot for watching many varieties of them, such as Kirtland’s warblers, boreal owls, and more. In the spring and autumn, birdwatching tours are great opportunities to see rare species, as mating and the flight include.

3. Hike Tahquamenon Falls State Park

In the spring and autumn, birdwatching tours are great opportunities to see rare species, as mating and the flight include. The Tahquamenon River’s rapids can fill up to 50,000 gallons of water per second, making it one of the largest waterfalls in northeast Mississippi. The 4,000 islands of Tahquamenon State Park also offer 24 miles of river, 40 miles of hiking trails, and 13 lakes in which to explore.

4.Explore Eben Ice Caves

Among the major tourist attractions of the upper Midwest, Eben Ice Caves is the number one choice for summer visitors to Upper Michigan. Get off the highway at Eben Ice Caves, where melting snow forms small caves on the cliff edge, and form waterfalls that discharge into Rock River Canyon. Ice from the walls of the caves measures as much as fifty feet tall. Officially known as Rock River Canyon Ice Caves, this ancient site takes tourists on a mile-long walk among the woods.

5. Take a tour of Mackinac Island

Winding around the shores of Lake Huron on the Isle of Michigan, Mackinac Island is home to miles of hiking trails, dense forests, and famed limestone rock arches. Stop by Fort Mackinac, where it perches on top of an arch. If you’re vacationing on the island, kayaking and fishing are enjoyable activities. You can book your cheap flight tickets with Lowest Flight fare and enjoy a trip.


The Upper Peninsula is the tip of an iceberg; just a small part of the Great Lake State contains nature’s wonders. As many as 90% more land can be found on the southeastern coast than the Atlantic seaboard. The urban attractions, modern architecture, and artistic street arts in Detroit alone make it appealing.

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