5 Offbeat Coffee Mugs for Millennials

unique coffee mugs online india

Life is just too boring without coffee. This world is already quite tiring, and when you have to wake up every morning knowing how tiring the day will be, you can get even demotivated further. So, a cup of hot or cold coffee can give a jump start to your day, and try to increase your motivation levels. This is especially necessary for millennials, as they have a lot going for the day, and need something to keep their spirits up. The right coffee mug is an important part of every morning coffee routine, and you can get your hands on some really unique coffee mugs online India to make things even better.

At Woodenstreet, you can get some of the designer coffee mugs in India, with unique designs and stylish shapes. Many of them are finely crafted for millennials, with the newest looks and the quirkiest features. Here are some of the most popular coffee mugs online India from Woodenstreet:

Meow Happy Ceramic Cup with Lid and Spoon

unique coffee mugs online india

This is a really cute ceramic coffee mug that goes with the millennial theme. If you are a cat person, then this is the coffee mug that you should go for. We already have a lot of ugliness in this world, and it doesn’t hurt to get a coffee mug that can counter that with its beauty and cuteness. The mix of white and light blue color gives this ceramic mug an ethereal and peaceful look, something that can work wonders on a tiring morning.

Aqua-Blue Ceramic Milk Mug

coffee mugs online india

Sometimes, people want something that is simple and elegant at the same time, without too much flashiness or flamboyance. If that is the case, then you can get this aqua-blue ceramic mug for your morning coffee routine. It has an extremely unique look and texture, and is easily one of the best ceramic coffee mugsfrom Woodenstreet. The aqua-blue color has a relaxing effect and its simplicity is what makes it stand out of the other styles out there.

Baby Monkey Ceramic Milk Mug

ceramic coffee mugs

This piece is known for its extremely cute and unique shape, making it one of the most unique coffee mugs online. The color combination of this piece also stands out, and helps it get its really cute look. This product can be given to others as birthday presents, as it works for both children as well as for teenagers and adults. Other than being a really stylish mug, this can also be kept as a showpiece in your home for its really sweet, cute and simple look.

Tall Green Pastel Coffee Mug

designer coffee mugs online in india

When it comes to simplicity, this the best coffee mug that you could ask for. It has a simple and elegant exterior and can hold a lot of coffee at once due to its large size. It is best suited for people who like to have a large amount of coffee at once, and it even comes with a lid that can help to keep the coffee warm for a longer period.

Translucent Life Ceramic Cup With Ceramic Lid and SS Spoon

luxury coffee mugs india

We all want some Monday, Tuesday, and almost every weekday motivation when we get up in the morning. Imagine having a coffee mug that does that, other than just giving you the coffee you need to lift up your spirits. This is one of such pieces, with unique background color as well. It can hold a lot of coffee at once, making this one of the best pieces here. So, if you want to buy coffee mugs online that are not only stylish but also unique and offbeat, then this is the one for you.


With so many choices at Woodenstreet, you can get your hands on some of the best coffee mugs online. You can get one as a gift, or for daily use, and start your day with a steaming cup of hot coffee. The best part is that the coffee mug you here, can truly complement the start of a great day!

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