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11 Pleasing Pink Flowers That Can Enhance The Charm Of Your Bouquet


Pink is eye soothing colour and provides a lively feeling. The pink colour is a delightful colour that can make any bouquet amazing. Pink blooms are also good as centre table pieces, wedding decorations and other floral arrangements. The colour cheers us and is perfect for bouquets that you can present to your lady. If you are looking for a pink flower bouquet then you can order flowers online from our website.

There are so many varieties of pink flowers that you can present to your loved one or use at weddings or other occasions for decoration purposes. This universal colour of love in nature gift looks amazing and makes the flowers more eye-catching and soothing. 

Here in this article, I will discuss 11 pleasing pink flowers that can enhance the charm of your bouquets. 

  • Pretty Cherry blossom – Flowers

Cherry blossoms are one of the fantastic flowers that can attract your attention. These lovely small blooms when put in bouquets make the bouquet so charming. They can also be used in decoration and other floral arrangements to make the arrangement more attractive and perfect. 

  • Eye-catching Rhododendron flowers 

These blooms have many varieties. And is available in different shades of pleasing pink colour especially the faded pink colour of this flower. If you want to make your friend happy then sending a  bouquet of these flowers is the best decision you can make. 

  • Lovely petunia Flowers

Petunia is the loveliest flower in the shade of pink and the beautiful arrangement of its petals. This flower doesn’t require much care. The Shade of pink petunia in bouquets or in your garden will make it more beautiful and lovely. You can buy flowers online or you can also order bouquets of fresh petunia from an online website. 

  • Delight Butterfly pink 

This pink flower has the ability to attract the butterfly-like magnet that attracts the iron. These small pink blooms can be placed in bouquets with lavender, cherry blooms and many other flowers. As they can enlighten your bouquet with their pink shade.

  • Charming Begonia Flowers

Begonia is available in a variety of species out of which tuberous begonia is similar to rose and it’s a flower, stem and leaves are edible. The pleasing pink semperflorens begonia is ultimate 

  • Awesome Calla Lily blooms 

These are not lilies. They are extraordinary flowers with a beautiful texture of pink and white colour. This flower of innocence and beauty when added to your bouquet can make it more outstanding. 

  • Beautiful Geranium Flowers

These are different shades of pleasing pink found in this species that can make your day full of enjoyment and happiness. The aroma of this flower is just breathtaking and can set your mood. 

  • Amazing Carnation

They have natural pink and pinkish-purple colours. The purple shade inside and pink on the border of the petals give the flower an amazing look that can also make your bouquet fascinating and lovely. You can gift them to your friend or special person.  

  • Hollyhock Flowers

They are another beautiful shade of pink blooms with a white pattern and a greenish and purple ring in the centre of the flower. Make it more fascinating and the beautiful petals of the flower make it the perfect flower for decoration as well as for bouquets. You can make this as the centrepiece of your house also. Order flowers for your house today and adds brightness to your house. 

  • Attractive Phlox 

The dense pink colour blooms are also used in many weddings for decoration purposes. They when arranged in bouquets with white flowers give the ultimate effect to the bouquets. 

  • Hydrangea Flowers

The beautiful flower having a white centre and pink border looks so beautiful, especially in culture. It can make your bouquet and garden so amazing and charming that you will not be able to take your eyes off them. Make this flower part of your garden or send flowers to Gurgaon to your friends and family members.  

All these shades of pink are unique and different from one another you can so add these pleasing pink flowers with another flower to make your bouquet more beautiful and charming. Now you can do it easily by customizing your bouquet with a flower of your own choice.

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