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Why You Should Become TEFL Qualified?

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Teaching English is a diverse, adaptable profession or career option that, in many situations, may be pursued without any formal schooling or training. Many international locations may recruit English instructors with only a bachelor’s degree in any field. So, what are the advantages of having a TEFL Qualified? Certification can also give tangible benefits aside from the potential for more remuneration and another feather in your teaching cap.

Top reasons to study TEFL:

“TEFL/TESOL is one of the most rapidly increasing educational fields on the planet. It offers hundreds of fantastic professional chances for native and fluent English speakers who get their TEFL/TESOL certification to teach English in countries all over the world,” says English teacher Riti, also an expert offering top-quality Essay Writing Help.

So, if you’re thinking about getting TEFL Qualified, examine the following factors to assist you in making your selection. In the long term, a little upfront investment might provide a significant return on your future career.

  • The need for English teachers is high.

English has established itself as an international language and is being taught as a second language in classrooms worldwide. In 2015, around 1.7 billion individuals learned English worldwide, with 300 million studying English in China alone. In 2019, the Chinese-based VIPKid learning platform had over 100,000 contracted instructors teaching 700,000 students through the internet. This demonstrates how much the market has expanded in only four years.

As a result of this fast expansion, there is a growing demand for in-person and online teachers. According to the International TEFL Academy, a reputable training source, over 100,000 actual positions for English instructors are available each year across the world. Being an English teacher offers work stability, which makes it a desirable career choice.

  • You’ll Gain Access to Useful Information.

You might believe that being a native English speaker automatically qualifies you as an expert in the language. Could you recall which structure the second conditional is and when to utilize it if someone asked you to describe it? Even if you can correctly employ all of English’s grammatical structures, understanding their names is likely a different issue.

TEFL certification is an excellent method to brush up on language mechanics and a plethora of other helpful material that will help you become a more successful teacher.

UNI-120-Hour Prep’s Online TESOL Certification Course will teach you English grammar and use and classroom management, lesson preparation, proficiency testing, and phonetics. You’ll almost certainly learn something new and helpful that you can apply in the classroom.

  • Certification Can Help You Earn More Money

Being TEFL Qualified might gain you a better beginning income or a pay boost, depending on the school, institution, or organization you work for. For example, in South Korea’s EPIK government teaching program, candidates with simply a bachelor’s degree are paid roughly 200,000 KRW (about $200) per month more than those with a bachelor’s plus a TEFL certificate.

If you want to work for a school rather than a corporation or organization, obtaining a TEFL certificate might help you negotiate better compensation. While experience is valuable, appropriate training and education may help you stand out among your potential coworkers.

  • It can also help you find work.

Several businesses provide job search support or even place employees with partner corporations. If you’re new to teaching English and don’t know where to start looking for a job, your TEFL organization might be able to assist you.

TEFL International Prague, for example, provides individual career coaching to assist you in finding employment all over the world. Furthermore, some firms, such as Premier TEFL, include a letter of recommendation following completion, which may impress potential employers. The assurance of such assistance may make the prospect of teaching abroad seem less scary.

  • Many companies and countries require it.

Although it is possible to teach English without a TEFL certificate, governments and online businesses increasingly demand one. In addition to a bachelor’s degree in any discipline, top English teaching destinations such as China, Japan, and South Korea all demand a TEFL certificate.

If you want to teach online, prominent platforms like Magic Ears, DadaABC, and English First all need TEFL certification as a baseline requirement. For college students, stay-at-home parents, and those who teach in-person in the United States or abroad.

teaching English online has become a substantial source of income. Online English teachers may expect to earn between $12 and $25 per hour.

As the area of international English teaching expands, prospective instructors’ training requirements are anticipated to rise. Having a TEFL certificate might help you keep ahead of the competition.

  • It Might Be Less Expensive Than You Think

It is not necessary to spend a lot of money to get TEFL Qualified. Although TEFL certificates such as the CELTA or Trinity TESOL might cost thousands of dollars, less expensive options involve teaching practice. If you’re on a budget, an online TEFL course is a better option than going to a distant location.

You…and Your Students…Will Benefit from a TEFL Certificate!


Although a TEFL certification isn’t required to begin your teaching career, it might help you transition into the sector more smoothly. After finishing this specialized course, you will have more support, confidence, and a broader skillset. The advantages of TEFL certification are apparent: not only will you profit financially and professionally.

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