Why Shared Stay Service Apartment Best for Solo Travelers


Look for a different type of stay you need to prefer

Today many business travelers and people are wondering about the best accommodation when it comes to a comfortable stay away from home during their outside trips. Therefore many serviced apartments are expanding to give a better stay to such people. My homestay is one of them!! My homestay, bhk stay in bangalore are quite awesome for everyone to stay peacefully and happily. Many well-furnished serviced apartments give priority to their guest’s immense satisfaction while giving them the best services.
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The best service apartment is one that provides all the amenities under one roof same as a home. People like to get such a comfortable stay with security by choosing service apartments. If you are searching best-serviced apartment then the best service apartments in Bangalore are the perfect match for you. The friendly environment and calm surroundings are awesome for business travelers to get a peaceful time to spend.

What stay options are there for accommodation?

The accommodation offers to stay facilities for all groups who want to stay and can come and avail of the staying services on a weekly, monthly, or yearly basis. Staying ranging as per their pocket value. Stay includes both luxuries as well as single apartments for travelers. Basic stay includes:

  • Shared Stay: Here you can stay with your roommates or you can stay with someone on a shared basis. Shared rooms are exclusively designed for the medium income groups who want to spend less money on their staying accommodation. It can help them to cut their expenses and can invest in another way. The shared service apartment is exclusively designed to see those who can stay and share their rents with others.
  • Studio stays: small studio apartments are designed for bachelors and students. They can stay here and can get feel like home experiences. Here you can get home-like food and basic amenities like housekeeping and laundry services. Not worrying about making food or washing clothes, Here are there to cater to all your needs.
  • BHK stay: Most of the 1BHK,2 BHK luxury full furnished budget-friendly service apartments are furnished for your comfortable stay. The best service apartments option for people who are looking for a place to stay in Bangalore.
  • 2 BHK has a Bedroom, Hallway, and Kitchen. it has 2 bedrooms with attached bathrooms, a hallway, and a kitchen. Its 2 the bedrooms are spacious enough to accommodate three persons easily and have a large living room with enough space.


The amenities include from WIFI to all basic things. It is great for small groups of people like a couple, who want their privacy and friends who want to discover the city together are welcomed here.

Serviced Apartments in Bangalore are quite awesome for the traveler as well as for luxury-minded people who want to stay like a king in their palace. Any middle-income group can also enjoy here at any cost value.

1 BHK Service Apartments In Bangalore

BHK stay has a single-bedroom apartment in Bangalore. It provides guests with a cheap and comfortable stay. It caters to all basic amenities that lead to a comfortable life. Basic amnesties like kitchen with cooking utilities, high-speed Wi-Fi, laundry services, and free wide parking space. Guests can come here and enjoy all comforts of home while staying at homestay serviced apartments. Basically, all serviced apartments offer modern amenities to live a peaceful life like LED TV with cable connection, washing machine, refrigerator, etc.

Most of the Serviced Apartments in Bangalore are near major landmarks such as Market Square, and Forum Mall. Also close to getting easy transport to tourist’s spot places like Begur Fort and easy connectivity to Airport.


service apartments are great in price value: Here coming you can save your buck of money instead of going to other serviced apartments

offer guests spacious areas for staying – Some people like business travelers need peace of mind after coming from busy schedule meetings. And Serviced Apartments in Bangalore offer them plenty of space to feel comfortable.

Taste the food whatever they like– You can free to feel cook here whatever you loved too!! If you like to stay at the best service apartments in Bangalore then you usually get to have a fully furnished kitchen ambiance.

give you full privacy for your comfort – As the serviced apartment is designed in a such way that you can enjoy your privacy like your home. Imagine how awesome will be if you stay at our luxury serviced apartment.

Both short and long-term stays are available – My homestay offers guests long and short-term accommodation. Whatever may be the purpose of your stay you can enjoy our full serviced apartment in your comfort. Luckily shared stay service apartments bangalore are available for a week, monthly, or yearly accommodation.

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