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Why PHP Framework Is the Best For Web Development Projects?

PHP Development
PHP Development

PHP is one of the oldest yet popular frameworks used to build dynamic and interactive websites. It is a renowned programming language that comes with several benefits. With every updated version, this framework is becoming phenomenal and powerful day by day. The key aspects that make this language preferable are its cost-efficiency, flexibility, scalability, user-friendliness, and simplicity. As a leading PHP development company, we agree that PHP websites are highly successful in retaining customers and ensuring excellent business opportunities. If you plan to create a web platform for your business, we highly recommend you to go with PHP as it is a budget-friendly, time-saving and flexible language. This post will guide you with the top reasons for choosing PHP for your next web development project. We hope this post will help you make the right decision and provide you with the best solutions.

An impressive presence on digital platforms has always been a core goal of every business enterprise. And why not? It helps businesses to expand their reach and grab potential customers. The market is already occupied with several web and mobile applications as these platforms let users interact with the companies efficiently. Taking your business online via web development solutions is one of the best decisions as it not only helps you with your customer base but also benefits in enhancing the brand image of your business.

What W3Techs survey Says:

Today customers’ expectations are high, and the competition is fierce. Therefore you need to select every component wisely that plays a vital role in the web development process. One of the critical aspects that play a significant role in web development is the programming language. Yes, selecting a programming language is not as easy as it looks; it takes a lot of research and the latest updates about the marketplace- including which language is currently in trend? Which fits best with the client-side requirements and in-budget?

Well, PHP is the most preferred programming language in the developer’s community. However, there are many write-ups available on the internet related to its drawbacks and limitations. Still, it tops the lists of the favourite frameworks in the web development market. According to the W3Techs survey, 79.2% of all the websites are built on PHP. Famous market giants like Microsoft, Facebook, Salesforce, Wikipedia and more are using PHP.

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Today, the majority of companies preferred this language for building any intuitive app or responsive website. But have you ever wondered what makes PHP so popular among developers and companies? This blog will guide you with the best benefits businesses will receive by using PHP for their next web development project.

But before going into depth, let’s start with the basic introduction-

What is PHP?

PHP is the most prevalent server-side scripting language, which is highly recommendable for creating dynamic web development projects. This language is used for building compelling and interactive web pages. Speed, Flexibility and Pragmatic features make PHP a top web development framework in the market.

Developers highly prefer this framework as its codes can be easily linked with HTML and compatible with all major operating systems, including Windows, Unix, and Linux to macOS. Another factor that makes this language preferable is it supports various servers like Netscape, Apache, and Microsoft IIS.

Advantages of PHP

  • Open source – PHP is an open-source language that requires no downloads and license fees. Developers can download it for free and use it to create dynamic websites.
  • Versatility- PHP is versatile compared to other languages; it is highly compatible with almost every OS, servers and 20+ databases like MySQL, MongoDB, PostgreSQL.
  • Time-Saving- PHP is a partial object-oriented language that makes codes reusable. Reusability PHP components save a lot of time and effort and make the web development process fast and scalable.
  • Speed – PHP is three times faster as compared to the other languages. Its tools, features, and code snippets are outstanding, making this framework super fast and allowing developers to accelerate web development.

Disadvantages of PHP

Security – When it comes to security, PHP is slightly at high risk. It is due to its open-source nature that makes the code available for all. Developers can access the code quickly and can find loopholes in it.
In-built features and tools- PHP comes with a robust set of features and tools that make the development possess fast for complex and large websites, but when it comes to small or medium websites, these advanced tools have a significant impact on the speed of the websites.

Moving forward, let’s explore the reasons- Why PHP is the best language for web development?

Seamless Installation- Installation of a programming language can be a daunting task for developers, as each language comes with a different module and server compatibility. If we talk about installing PHP language for web applications, it is a seamless process to do. This is because PHP is a well-versed se日本藤素
rver-side language compatible with several operating systems like Windows, macOS, Linux and more. Hence, you only require a web server to run it on whatever OS you are installing PHP. The other best thing about PHP is it is flexible with various shared hosting sites, allowing developers to use them at economical prices. If you have a midsize or small-level project, PHP installation is highly convenient for you. If you are not much aware of the servers, feel free to hire a PHP development company.

PHP Software is Easy to Maintain- Due to its open-source nature, PHP codes can easily be changed. Hence if clients require any new changes or add-ons of emerging functionalities, it can be quickly done using PHP. This language has decipherable syntax, making it smooth for the developers to maintain and update the PHP-based projects. Since PHP code is reusable and consistent, written distinctly, it is highly suitable for the developers to provide maintenance and support, no matter from which team they are.

Some more Points:

Speed and Performance- PHP has become a faster and better programming language than ever before. The latest release of PHP version 7.X and Zend Engine 3.0 makes PHP 3x faster than other programming languages. The PHP 7.3 version pushes 3 times faster requests per second, taking over the previous version 5.6. This version also brings new improvements for developers like nullable types, trailing commas, anonymous classes, new type hinting and more that makes the performance 2-3x better and a preferable platform.

Price- Price is one of the crucial factors to consider while starting a web development project. As a server-side open-source language, PHP is regarded as a pocket-friendly framework by many developers and companies. This framework comes with available tools and features, giving developers an option to choose without increasing the cost burden. Undeniably, this language is dominating the paid web frameworks.

Easy to Learn- PHP is one of the easiest languages to learn as it is interpreted and object-oriented. It comes with an excellent array. If you have a sound knowledge of these arrays, then PHP is highly beneficial for you. Another benefit of PHP is that it is an old language, which means numerous tutorials and guides available in the market make it easier to learn.

Debugging- When creating a new web application, it is necessary to know its positive and negative aspects. For such requirements, debugging helps you to find out where it went wrong. If we talk about PHP, the debugging steps require additional set-up. But that doesn’t mean it is difficult to run the debugger in PHP. Hire web developers India that help you with the successful debugging set-up and make it convenient for the web development process.

Wrapping up

Indeed, the market is packed with new and advanced frameworks. Still, with every new version, PHP is turned out as a more powerful, robust, versatile and secure programming language that offers immense advantages to the business. It is an excellent programming language with broad community support that makes it a preferable choice for every company’s size.

If you plan to create a website for your business, choosing PHP will undoubtedly offer you fantastic results at operational costs. I hope you like this post; if you have an idea or requirement for building a web application for your business, you should must contact with any professional web development company.

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