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Why kenmore elite microwave not heating

Why kenmore elite microwave not heating. Your microwave is not heating up, the first thing you should do is check for any small wires hanging out of the front.

If you don’t see any, it means that you need to check the door switch or the magnetron. Maybe the problem is with the door switch, try pressing the button that opens the door manually.

If that doesn’t work, you can open the door and remove the top cover, if necessary. Check the high voltage diode. If everything seems fine, it’s possible that the problem is with the magnetron.

If that is the case, you will need to find a qualified technician and have him take a look at the microwave. You should ask a local appliance repair shop about what the problem might be, and how much it would cost.

Why kenmore elite microwave not heating

Heating Element is Burned Out

Microwaves come with a fuse box, which is a circuit breaker. This is the first thing you should check after purchasing the microwave.

If you find that the fuse is blown or missing, you can call the manufacturer of your microwave and ask for the instructions on how to reset the fuse.

If the fuse still isn’t working, call a local repair technician. He will know how to repair your microwave in case the magnetron has gone bad. Once he repairs it, it is very important to make sure that the new fuse is working properly.

If the microwave fails again, the next step is to call a repair technician again. This time, he will replace the magnetron, which is a small component of your microwave. After that, you need to wait until the new one is installed. Here is guide about Kenmore elite microwave light bulb change

Faulty Diode

There are several different reasons why your microwave will not heat food. One reason is a defective high voltage diode. If your microwave does not heat food, a defective high voltage diode may be the cause.

In this case, your microwave might have shorted out from overheating. It’s recommended that you replace the diode to avoid potential damage to the magnetron or risk of fire or electrical shock.

If the microwave diodes fails, you can likely see it visually blown. Inspect the microwave diode and if the diode is blown away, replace it. If the diode seems to measure correctly with a multi-meter, put a 9-volt battery in series with it.

A multi-meter will likely say that the voltage is not connected, but the diode should only conduct electricity in one direction while the leads are switched.

Microwave Door Switch

Kenmore Elite Microwaves are usually quite reliable. However, sometimes the problem is that the microwave door switch is damaged. There are some problems that can happen with this microwave door switch.

If this happens, you will not be able to use your microwave. If your door switch is damaged, you can find it underneath the microwave. You may need to remove some screws to find it. If you have lost your microwave door switch, don’t worry.

You can purchase a new one on the Internet. But if you don’t find it, you should contact the service department of the store that sold you your microwave.

 Microwave run but not heat

This could be caused by corrosion or by dust or debris getting inside the unit. It would be a good idea to check your unit for signs of corrosion. You can clean the inside by using a toothbrush or put it through the dishwasher.

If you don’t have a microwave, a toaster oven works just as well. To clean a toaster oven, place a rack inside of it and heat it on high for 30 minutes. Then remove the rack and let it cool.

Check the plug that connects the appliance to the wall outlet. You should replace any worn out wires. You should also clean the plug to make sure it is not dirty or damaged.

If your toaster is not heating your food properly, try using a different setting. Also, try turning the toaster off and on again.


In conclusion, the problem is probably with the power cord. If you look at the bottom of the oven, you’ll see a red button. Press this button to turn the oven on. When you’ve turned the oven on, press this button again to turn the oven off. Here is homeabout.org

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