Why Is Outlook Calendar Not Showing Meetings On Mac?

outlook calendar not showing meetings on mac

Although Outlook is the most widely used email application, it is unsurprising that it also has the most problems. Outlook email difficulties, calendar issues, or practically anything linked to communication can cause a slew of troubles for the business if not addressed right away, especially because Outlook is widely utilized in a professional setting. In this section, we will specifically explore Outlook calendar/meeting difficulties and suggest methods to overcome them. So here we will know how to fix the outlook calendar not showing meetings on mac issue.


How Can I Solve the Outlook Calendar Not Showing Meetings on the Mac Issue?

Depending on the severity of the problem, you can utilize a variety of approaches to resolving issues not showing meetings on mac.

Method 1: Calendar View Reset

If the meetings do not appear, first double-check that you are in Outlook’s Calendar View. To access the calendar view, click the second calendar-shaped icon in the lower left corner. Then, at the top of the screen, you may choose whether you want calendar views by day, week, or workweek, as seen in the image below. This should allow you to view the calendars with all of the events.

If the problem persists, you may reset the calendar display by following the procedures shown below.

  1. Start Outlook and navigate to the Calendar View.
  2. Then, under the View tab, select Reset View.

Method 2: Run Outlook.exe and then Cleanprofile

Run “Outlook.exe / cleanprofile” is a command that is used to delete and rebuild invalid and corrupt profile keys. To run this program, go to the Start menu and put the following command into the Search box.

‘Outlook.exe /cleanprofile’

Method 3: In Outlook, Disable Caching

If you disable cache for the shared folder, Outlook will attempt to resolve the issue of not showing meetings on mac.

Click File in Outlook, then Account Settings>>Account Settings.

Select your account and press the Change button.

Also More Options.

Select the ‘Download Shared Folder’ option on the advanced tab.

Uncheck the Download Shared Folder box and save your changes.

Method 4: Run an anti-virus Application Scan

When you use an anti-virus tool, it also scans the content of Outlook. When meetings on your outlook calendar begin to fall between the cracks, you should investigate since your anti-virus application may flag any item as suspicious and erase it

Method 5: Review the Retention Policy

Each item in the mailbox has its own retention policy. It is also applicable to calendar entries. You should review the Administrator’s retention policy. If the Default Policy tag is set to ‘Delete and allow recovery,’ then you can restore the calendar from the Recoverable Items Folder.

Method 6: Outlook PST file Repair

Normally, the corruption in PST files causes problems in Outlook, such as difficulties, not having outlook calendar not showing meetings, sending and receiving emails, Outlook stopping or hanging, Outlook significantly slowing down, and so on. Such problems can be fixed with the PST Repair program. It fixes the PST file and aids in the recovery of deleted Outlook data like as emails, calendars, contacts, and so on. You may also use this program to retrieve missing calendar entries.



When any Outlook user faces the “meeting not showing in outlook calendar” problem, it really causes enormous frustration and requires users to bring minor changes. You can refer to the solutions described above for your help. These solutions must be of great help when it comes to getting rid of the outlook calendar not showing meetings on mac issue on your own. You can also go to an expert to restore the messy outlook error situation that causes not showing meetings on mac.

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