Why do travelers prefer to stay at home stay in Bangalore rather than in hotel rooms?

Service Apartments In Bangalore

Nowadays how to fulfill the accommodation needs of modern Indian travelers, most of the travel industry, most are trying to introduce homestay services. Travel styles are now changing and more tourists are coming everywhere globally, nowadays many tourist destinations are a high priority for travelers. Now the travel trend has gained more popularity and grabbed lots of attention as well as appreciation in the past few years, is related to accommodation. Today, travel is showing more interest in homestays. Bangalore Home Stay, is the best one when it comes to a comfortable stay.

But before going into a deep concept of why my homestay is more popular, first know the concept of my homestay, if you don’t know!!

What are Homestays?

A homestay is just like a bed-and-breakfast inn, where the residence provides sleeping arrangements and breakfast for visitors. During home stays the visitors are accommodated either family home or in separate quarters nearby. Recently, most people prefer to stay at homestay service because it is also a better comparison to a hotel; great for faculties & great for comfort.  Service Apartments In Bangalore can offer you the best one!!

Few tips on why people prefer to stay in a homestay rather than a hotels

Unity in diverse feelings

When you travel you explore a new world that is distinct from your own. It is all about discovering new experiences and new memories. Staying in a homestay will provide you with a scope of mingling with local people, great exposure to knowing authentic local cuisine, and lots more to reconnoiter. Staying in a homestay will give you and your children exposure to knowing native people and give you a wonderful learning opportunity. Bangalore Home Stay, is the perfect place for all!!

Get to know more about the local destinations from the native, that you are unaware

When you plan to visit any city or town, that you are unaware of, can’t find on google as well!! You can get to know the natives while staying on homestay. You can never find out authentic stories and unsung spots in the place paper guide or online. Only connecting with native people, you can able to know this can be possible when you stay in a homestay. A perfect homestay also has a host, who can tell you what to see, what to eat, and where to shop!! And another thing is that, the host can easily connect you to all these spots, that you are not known it.  Service Apartments in Bangalore is an ideal stay for you where you can enjoy your trips as well as your stay.

You can’t beat the price as well

When you compare hotels, homestays are better than that because they will give you the same comfort that the hotel gives at an affordable cost. You won’t find the best room at an affordable price when you choose a hotel for your stay, but when it comes to a homestay you can find it easily. Bangalore Home Stay, is the best for your staying experience that can beat the comfort of hotels. Here you can enjoy cook food, get homely facilities, and can get 24/7 wifi facilities as well. Staying at a homestay can give your penny’s worth.  Bangalore Home Stay, is great for all facilities

Make new friends

Homestay offers gives you an opportunity of making new friends from different races and cultures. Lodging in a homestay can give you a different experience feeling like out of the world!! Your day ends with exploring new cities, and the night ends with gossiping with new friends


Enjoy the best company


After wandering in a new city, shopping all day & night, after going to your lodging, you can share that experience with someone would you like!! When any doubts may persist, you can ask your host & native localities. There is a saying a good companion can let you move to a proper destination!! And when anything your minds prolonging like where to go!! where to shop!! You can share with your companion staying with you!! The homestay has big rooms with all comfort where more than one can stay with if in case someone you find same to your language and culture then it is like golden opportunity gossiping with him in your colloquial language. That won’t be possible when you stay in a hotel as it has a separate room and a staying lounge. Service Apartments in Bangalore is the same as having a more big spacious room where you and others can accommodate


Here are some tips you can enjoy your staying when you choose to stay at a homestay at Bangalore Home Stay. Stay here to avail all comfort services at an affordable price that a hotel room never tries to give you!!

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