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Which Is The Best Country To Study Broad For Indian Students?

Study Abroad

Over time, universities worldwide have experienced a continuous rise in the number of young students enrolling for admission in foreign countries. In the past few years, many Indian students have started applying to universities away from their home country. The main reason for this is the modern education facilities and advanced learning experience offered in foreign countries. In addition, Indian companies appreciate and search for individuals having foreign degrees. There are so many countries in the world offering top-notch education facilities and career opportunities. As a result, choosing the best country has become a confusing task and you must do proper research before taking admission. Therefore, Abroad Education Consultants in Gurgaon aims to help young aspirants in selecting the best country and assist them throughout the admission process.

Best Countries to Choose for getting Abroad Education:

If you are wondering which are the best countries to study abroad, you are at the right place. Here is the list of the most popular countries for foreign studies;


Based on recent research, around 20% of Indian students prefer to study in Canada. The Canadian government offers several added benefits to Indian students, such as improvised immigration policies, and permanent residency. Furthermore, Canada has two official languages English and French which gives you exposure to a new language. It has become one of the safest countries in the world and offers a high quality of life. In addition, it has ranked as the second country in terms of development and progress. It offers a multi-national culture and students around the globe visit Canada to get the education facilities. Some of the most popular universities in Canada include the University of Toronto, York University, and Winnipeg University.


In the past few years, Germany has become the prime destination for overseas education. It offers free tuition in public universities or offers scholarship programs, this is the main reason why many Indian students prefer Germany over other countries. Moreover, it focuses mainly on fields like engineering, science, and technology this is your go-to place. The most known universities in Germany are Bonn University, Karlsruhe, and RWTH Aachen University.


Australia has changed its policies and made the Visa process much easy, more friendly, and financially affordable. It has a very low crime rate and has become one of the safest countries in the world today. In addition, Australians are known all over the world for their friendly and welcoming nature, this will help you adjust and get comfortable. Furthermore, you can enjoy career benefits while studying at the university and enjoy the best of both worlds. So the top universities, you must look for are Canberra, Newcastle, and CQ University.


US universities have become the most preferred universities offering top-notch education facilities and learning experiences. In addition, it offers several scholarship programs and merit-based tests for Indian students to help them with admission. Therefore, by graduating from Washington State University, Northeastern University, and Georgia Tech, you can get worldwide recognition.


Italy has become the most accessible and affordable country offering the best education facilities. Here, you will not only get the benefit of low education fees but also the living ist is affordable in this country. In addition, Italy has a rich culture and you will get an opportunity to experience a new culture and develop new skills. The most preferred universities in Italy are the University of Pavia and the Free University of Bozen-Bolzano.


Finally, you can see there are so many great countries to choose from and this makes it more confusing and difficult. Therefore, Overseas Education Consultants in Gurgaon aims to help students make the right decision and get admission to their dream country. Moreover, after graduating from a foreign university you will get great career opportunities from across the globe. So if you want to study overseas and get a high-quality education, you must take help from abroad consultants to confirm your admission. This will help you improve your personality, learn new languages, explore new cultures, and make new friends from around the world. You will also get a chance to enhance your resume and become more credible and enjoy several professional advantages.

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