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What’s The Best Vastu to Place a Factory?

vastu expert for factory

Vastu is an ancient scientific system of architecture practiced over years that can be used for various things, including the building of homes, offices or factories. However, it is important to include Vastu in your planning for the factory from the initial stages only. This includes the floor plan designing as per Vastu i.e., placement of machinery, office, goods, utilities etc. This rules out the requirement of any Vastu remedy or treatments in the later stage. This blog explains how to plan the design for your factory in order to maximize its potential as per Vastu principles.


What is Vastu?

Vastu is a traditional science of architecture and design philosophy which focuses on the physical build & energy levels of any building. In order to experience the best results, it is important to create a Vastu-friendly environment with appropriate dimensions and elements. Not only the structure of any building, but the internal alignment, placements, daylight, ventilation etc. must be checked to ensure its Vastu balance.


The Science behind Vastu

Vastu is the ancient Indian system that uses natural elements to design and create places. The theory states that there are certain directions that fit activities or objects as per the attributes of that particular direction. For example – direction for the office inside a factory or the direction of placement of machinery. If every direction is utilized as per its attributes, we can make the space a success and attract abundance. 

Also, the five elements of nature i.e., water, air, fire, earth & space should be in the appropriate balance. The water sources, fire equipment, plants or trees etc. must comply with Vastu rules in the factory.

How to do a Vastu Analysis

In order to perform Vastu Analysis, one must first understand what Vastu stands for. It is the study of aligning man-made spaces in order to create healthy environments. By understanding the alignment of an area, one can implement changes that will change the energy in the area. 

Firstly, the layout or floor plan of the factory needs to be checked with respect to the directions. The direction of entrance, office, utilities, placement of raw materials & finished goods, heavy machinery, electrical panes etc. to be checked. If these are not planned as per Vastu, then we need to check the practicality at site to shift the same to Vastu compliant direction. If relocation is not possible, then remedies or treatments can be done to reduce the negative effects.

Then the location of branding, color schemes inside the factory, placement of important documentation, accounts related documents, locker, water sources etc. should be checked. Ideal directions can be used, if available. Else, Vastu treatment can be done to make the factory Vastu compliant.

For example, if you want your factory to be successful, then you can try the following vastu tips for factory

  1. Using the North direction for placing finished goods or selling goods will help improve sales.
  2. Branding or Brand boards in North & North of North West will ensure flow of customers & clients for business.
  3. Machinery will involve heating or fire related activity shall be placed in South-East direction.
  4. Heavy Machinery can be planned in the South-West direction.
  5. Factory Office should be planned in the West or North direction.  


What are the benefits of Vastu analysis?

Vastu analysis is done to find the best alignment for a factory by examining the positive and negative energy directions. The factory must be tuned to the present energy levels. There are many benefits to doing this analysis.

  • One benefit is that it can reduce workplace accidents and increase productivity.
  • It can also save money on utility costs & wasteful expenditures.
  • It has been observed that the factories which are designed as per Vastu function smoothly in terms of production lines, labor, sales & finances.
  • The flow of money & clients in Vastu balanced factory is much better as compared to a non-compliant factory.


Vastu analysis for factory office

While analyzing the Vastu compliance of a factory, due importance must be given to the factory office. The office is an extremely important part of the factory. It is like a heart to the factory, which ensures the various factors for success of the factory. All important decisions like purchase, sale, contracts, recruitment, pricing strategies etc. are done in the factory office.

Firstly, the factory office must be in a direction conducive for growth, profits & success. West & North are good directions for this purpose.


Secondly, the internal alignment of the factory office must be planned as per Vastu. The sitting arrangement of employees, accounts team, marketing etc. should be in the appropriate directions. The documentation, branding etc. should be also as per Vastu guidelines. 

Avoid any demolition or reconstruction for the sake of Vaastu. Vaastu Devayah Namah solutions are designed to provide Vaastu Solutions with zero destruction. The above vastu advice is given by vastu experts at www.vaastudevayah. com and is based on experience and knowledge.


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