What’s about of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Manufacturing


You don’t have to go back too far to reach a time when the great efforts of the manufacturing sector to optimize productivity and increase customer satisfaction were treated as two independent aspects. However, with the arrival of new technological solutions, this way of proceeding is being altered.

Currently, manufacturers are concerned with integrated systems (both digital and physical) as well as greater efficiency of their actions and processes, increasing their flexibility and reducing costs. And all these goals are already being achieved by connecting teams and factories, taking advantage of all the data that is produced in the life cycle of a product.

And this is just the beginning. Digitization is transforming the industry, enabling a focus on customer satisfaction while continuing to optimize each natural action. An example of this is the incorporation into the sector of the latest technologies such as augmented reality. Which allows access to the vision of a technician and combine it with the knowledge of an expert, from anywhere.

Microsoft supports these digitization processes in the manufacturing industry by adapting its solutions to the characteristics of the sector, and which are exemplified in the  Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform  and its functionalities; union of CRM and ERP, along with high analytical capabilities. Below we show you some of its functionalities for the manufacturing sector.

Supply chain optimization.

Management of assets, products and production.

With a consolidated view that unifies process monitoring and provides real-time information, manufacturers increase efficiency. And thanks to the use of connected devices they can monitor processes and solve problems remotely.

Customer loyalty.

Manufacturers must provide customers with greater visibility and build trust through quick and convenient responses through omnichannel strategies . This strategy is based on a combination of predictive analysis, the ability to offer value-added services and a personalized service to the needs of each client.

Accelerate innovation and gain a competitive advantage.

Thanks to the advent of IOT devices, manufacturers can obtain the necessary data. The best way for manufacturers to pursue innovation is to understand their business more deeply, through the use of customers’ supply chain sourcing and production. With IoT-enabled parts, assets, and products, manufacturers can gain the knowledge to innovate. Data from connected products and equipment can empower developers, engineers, and technicians to collaborate.

Empower employees to work more effectively.

When a company can offer 360-degree views of customer assets and work order history. Technicians are empowered by a better understanding of not only the work in front of them. Other similar and successful field service engagements.  This goes hand in hand with empowering service agents to provide instant feedback. Using machine learning to find and track similar cases for successful troubleshooting, and scheduling a visit or assessment.

Production and Manufacturing ERP Management Software

So, The ERP management software and program for production and manufacturing Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (Navision) contains a module specifically designed for the Production processes of manufacturing companies.

Our management software for production and manufacturing helps you operate at maximum optimization to achieve the right levels of profitability.

This management solution for production and manufacturing based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. (Navision) provides you with a greater ability to adjust production to demand, controlling the operation of the gear at all times. From supply to factory processes.

The Production module of the ERP management software Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (Navision) guarantees a more agile. More precise and lower cost manufacturing .

A real-time view and control of production orders will help you better plan cross-plant management and resource planning.

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