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SMS Gateway

Profit from these advantages by using Guni’s services

  • 98%open rate: open rates for Guni may reach 98 percent.
  • ROI: When compared to other marketing approaches, free SMS marketing is a low-cost choice that yields good results.
  • Deliverability: Even individuals without a smartphone may send and receive free SMS messages.
  • Response rate: Free SMS has a higher response rate than other channels of communication.
  • High conversion rate: Mobile customers react to calls to action in text messaging more than any other marketing medium.
  • Click-through rates: The greatest click-through rates are for free SMS.
  • Simple implementation: Once you’ve launched an SMS campaign with free SMS, you can rapidly measure, manage, and enhance performance.
  • A two-way conversation: You may have targeted chats with your target audience by using the Free SMS Service.
  • Global Impact: Over 5.27 billion people use mobile phones globally now.
  • Spam Rate: Free SMS has a lower spam rate than email.

 Use Guni’s free SMS services in Australia

Mobile phone use, as well as SMS as a form of communication, is predicted to increase in the next few years. Working with Guni SMS Australia, you can now use SMS for your company. Get free SMS services inside and outside of Australia. You may use SMS for free for 14 days by taking advantage of our free trial period. SMS Marketing and SMS Broadcasting are two possibilities to examine in Australia. Guni not only provides SMS services in Australia, but also SMS Gateway services. Guni also provides SMS API Solutions in Australia, enabling your business to integrate our SMS Gateway with your competitors systems and services.

With our SMS Gateway, you may communicate with your customers and other key stakeholders for free. Guni SMS Gateway allows you to access SMS services for free. Send and receive SMS messages for free online. Engage more effectively with tailored SMS conversations. With Guni’s 14-day Free SMS Service, you may send up to 30 SMS messages for free.

Guni SMS Gateway fulfills the function of a Bulk SMS Sender. You may send Bulk SMS to your target audience with a single click. Take advantage of Australia’s Bulk SMS Service and send Bulk SMS for free by using our Bulk SMS Sender (SMS Gateway). Guni’s 14-day Free Bulk SMS Service allows you to send up to 30 SMS messages for free.

Guni SMS Gateway is available for free in Australia. Enjoy Guni’s online SMS Bulk Sender’s free SMS Bulk Sender (SMS Gateway) benefits. Online, you may send individual free SMS Text Messages as well as bulk free SMS Text Messages. You may enjoy free online SMS services and free online bulk SMS services with these value-added features:

Includes Global Impact

You may send millions of messages at once with our SMS Broadcast Services with a single click.

Two-Person Conversations

Use our SMS Gateway and other Messaging Platforms to conduct two-way customized conversations with your target audience.

SMS to Email and the other way around

Use E-mail to SMS to have two-way conversations in real time. We are concerned about your comfort.


Include multimedia components in your messages to make them more lively and engaging.

Analysis and Reporting

You may monitor your SMS Broadcast campaign using Guni analytics tools. To evaluate the success of your engagement, use the appropriate parameters.

Brand identification

In the viewpoint of your target audience, develop your own individual identity. Use your own brand name as well as a unique phone number.

Message Customization

Personalize your conversations by using merge tags. If the messages were less repetitious, they would be more entertaining.

SMS in bulk

Bulk SMS may be sent to your target audience with a single click. The more the merrier.

Templates created to order

Choose from a wide range of free custom-made templates depending on your requirements.

Personalized Short URL

Provide short branded URLs for mobile and desktop. Guni provides a free URL shortening service.


Send messages to any place on the earth in any language. Language would not be a barrier to effective communication.

Management Representative

Contacts may be managed by categorizing or classifying them.

Delivered Messages Automatically

With our SMS Gateway, you may send out automated messages that can be planned ahead of time.

Unsubscribe Links

Provide opt-out or unsubscribe facilities to verify that you are communicating in line with the rules imposed by the authoritative authorities of your respective government.

Importing Contacts

Import contacts in seconds and start interacting right away. We provide customized contact import templates.

If you really are looking for the Best SMS Services in the business, your quest stops with Guni. 

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