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What is the CA Course Fees in India for Foundation, Inter and Final?

CA Course Fees

After 12th grade, Chartered Accountancy is the most opted course for Commerce students. To qualify as chartered accountants, students must clear three ICAI national level tests that last for five years. The most typical question students have is about the total fees for the CA course for five years. So, the CA total fees in India are Rs. 87,300 including Foundation, Intermediate, and Final.

However, the CA Course fees after graduation are Rs. 76,200. This cost covers both the registration and exam form expenses. So these costs do not include tuition and study material expenses since they would vary depending on the student. For detailed information about the CA Course Fees, keep reading this article.

Total CA Course Fee for Five Years

The total fee for the five-year CA Course is 87,300, while the fee for direct entrance applicants is 76200, including registration and exam form price. So here is the table depicting an overview of the CA course fees.

CA Course fees Indian Student Foreigner Student
CA Foundation ₹11,300 $1105
CA Intermediate- Single Group ₹28,000 $925
CA Intermediate- Both Group ₹34,200 $1500
CA Intermediate- Direct Entry ₹34,400 $1500
Articleship Fee ₹2,000
CA Final ₹39,800 $1650
Total ₹87,300 $4255

CA Foundation Course Fees

The CA Foundation is the basic level that one must qualify to start their CA journey. CA Foundation enrollment is open twice annually, in June and December. So the CA Foundation’s registration fee is Rs 10,900, including registration fees and journal membership fees. Further, the CA Foundation Exam form fee is Rs 1500 for opting for India centre, totalling Rs. 11,300.

Below is the breakdown of the CA course fees at the foundation level:

  • CA Foundation Registration: Rs 9000
  • Student’s Journal – ₹ 200
  • Member’s Journal – ₹ 400
  • Prospectus Fees – ₹ 200

Additionally, ICAI imposes a late fee of Rs 600 for failing to fill the foundation exam form fee on time.

The CA course registration costs for the CA foundation course are valid for three years. Following the registration period’s expiry, you may re-validate it for Rs. 500. Additionally, students who cannot pass their Foundation examinations must pay the examination fees once more and receive a admit card for the following examination.

CA Immediate Course Fees

The total CA intermediate course fees for a single group is Rs 28,000 and for both groups is Rs 34,200. Moreover, for students opting for Direct Entry, it is Rs 34,400.

There are two ways to register for the CA intermediate: the Foundation Route and Direct Entry.

Hence students following the Foundation Route complete their Foundation examinations and enrol for the Intermediate level. Additionally, the CA Intermediate Registration occurs twice annually: August and February.

So the CA Course fees for the intermediate level registration for a single group is Rs 11,000 and for both groups, it is Rs 15,000. Moreover, students using the Direct Entry Route must register in both groups and pay Rs 15,000. Further, the application or examination fee for CA Intermediate single group is Rs. 1500 and for both the groups is Rs. 2700.

Students via the CA Foundation route can enrol either in one or both groups and appear on the exam. However, direct entry students will have to enrol for both groups by paying Rs. 2700.

Further, CA Foundation students don’t need to pay any journal fees, yet the direct entry students must pay Rs 200 towards the journal fees. Additionally, both the student category must pay Rs. 2000 towards activity fees. It costs money to attend ICAI’s seminars, workshops, and conferences.

Further, the CA Intermediate course registration is for four years, and by paying Rs. 400, students can validate it again.

Fees for ICITSS at the CA Intermediate Level

Students must complete the ICITSS programme before beginning articleship and after enrolling in the CA Intermediate level. So it includes information technology training as well as an orientation programme.

The following are the prices for such courses:

  • Rs. 6500/- for the Information Technology Program
  • Rs. 7000/- for the Orientation Program

CA Final Fees

So the total CA Fees for both groups are Rs. 39800 and for the single group is Rs. 38300. Additionally, the CA registration fees for both groups are Rs 22,000. The CA Final examination fee for both groups is Rs. 3300 and Rs. 1800 for a single group.

AICITSS, which comprises the Advance Information Training program and the Management and Communication Skills program, must be undertaken by candidates during their final two years of articleship.

The following is the CA Course price for training:

  • 7500/- for the Advanced Information Technology Program
  • 7000/- for Management and Communication Skills

What is the salary of a CA in India?

After looking at the CA Course Fees, now let’s check how much a CA can make.

The remuneration of a chartered accountant in India is determined by his job role and the corporation that employs him. You will have set hours and less stress while working in the government companies. However, you may make more if you’re a CA operating for a multinational corporation.  The average annual salary of a CA in India is from 6-7 lakh rupees, and with experience, it can go up to Rs 40 lakhs.

A fresh CA must be in the first 50 to get a Multinational and FMCG Companies. These businesses need experienced specialists to manage their accounting and finance. Chartered Accountants earn between 18 and 25 lakh rupees in these firms per year. To secure a job, the number of tries to pass the examinations should be few.

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So this is all about the CA Course Fees. The CA journey can be challenging, yet you can be a CA with commitment and hard work.

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