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What Is CNC Work-Holding Fixtures Design& Its Types?

CNC machining involves a variety of tools used in different capacities. Tools that are not well understood can be difficult to understand. An example of such a tool is a CNC fixture, also known as a CNC work holding fixtures design.

This article describes CNC machining in 3 steps. It shows their functions and applications. It provides specific information on types of accessories for CNC workpieces. So, Here provide are some key information on what to do to get the best CNC work holding fixtures design or use a custom CNC device.

What Is A CNC Fixture?

The best definition of a CNC power supply is stability and positioning tool. A wide range of workpiece holding devices aimed at correctly holding, supporting or fixing the workpiece on CNC machines. CNC work holding fixtures designs are important tools to ensure consistency and compatibility in the manufacturing process. In other words, it promotes smooth production. It can also be said that CNC parts reduce human effort in the manufacturing process.

Because of this, many liken it to a mushroom. But they are different. The jig serves to guide the movement of the cutter. However, the CNC chuck does not guide the cutter. They only hold, hold and stabilize the workpiece during the production process. The workpiece moves in the CNC workpiece holder, the tool moves as well. The tool is always stationary with the die.

Applications of CNC Fixture

CNC fittings are widely used in manufacturing industries where CNC machining is used. The functionality is integrated with the type of CNC machining used in the manufacturing process. Used for CNC milling, CNC turning, CNC planning, CNC boring and CNC grinding. This also leads to types of CNC devices not described below. In general, CNC machine design is applied as follows:


CNC work holding fixtures design clamps ensure the correct fixation of the workpiece to the machine in relation to the machine. We also need to make sure that the surface of the machine meets the requirements.


After placement, the CNC device provides the force to hold the work piece securely in each manufacturing process.CNC parts use these two properties for their functions. For example, positioning and stretching play an important manufacturing role in the automotive industry. There, they fasten and guide the vehicle through the welding and assembly process.

Types of CNC Fixture

The classification of CNC work holding fixtures design is something that most people familiar with the tool do not understand. Yeah, it’s not that obvious. It is not easy, so it is frustrating for beginners to understand the concept of the tool. But with this updated guide, you have nothing to fear. This section presents the types of CNC devices from different perspectives.

Based On the CNC Machining Operations

Classified according to CNC machining, there are five types of CNC devices. Below is a brief introduction to CNC machines.

Turning Fixtures

CNC turning is a CNC operation in which part of the workpiece is removed while rotating around an axis. A lathe is a CNC machine used during processing.

Milling Fixtures

CNC milling is simply a cutting CNC machining process. During this process, the computer instructs the cutter to cut the desired part of the workpiece. The milling unit is the CNC device used in this process.

Drilling Fixtures

Drilling is a widely used process in manufacturing and is widely used in CNC machining. This simply means drilling a hole in the blank. A CNC machine used for CNC drilling is called a CNC drilling machine.

Boring Fixtures

CNC drilling is a CNC machining process where a tool is used to enlarge a hole drilled with a CNC drill. The device used in this process is a CNC drilling rig.

Grinding Fixtures

CNC grinding is the removal of part of a workpiece using a grinding machine. This is another popular CNC machining process used for CNC milling cuts. The grinding fixture is a fixture that can be used in the CNC grinding process.


In general, useful conclusions can be drawn about CNC work holding fixtures design based on CNC machining. Each CNC machining operation that requires a fixture has a job name. So you can use other tools like CNC lathes and CNC lathes.

The CNC machine is an important tool surrounded by a veil of secrecy. However, this article has revealed the types and functions of the tools. Once you do it, you’ll understand the process and the small parts for smooth operation.

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