What is Anime Characters? Complete Detail 2022

Anime Characters

Anime Characters is the world’s most popular form of entertainment and it is rising in America since the past 20 years. The anime culture due to its relevance extends to many types of media like movies, TV shows, memes and fanfiction etc. Anime is a word used by people living outside of Japan for referring to the shows and cartoons made in Japan. The word is simply used by the Japanese to describe any animated show regardless of its origin. For instance, The Sailor Moon and Disney’s Frozen are two separate genres.

However, they are characterized as anime by natives of Japan. More generally all anime are cartoons but all cartoons are not anime. The art style associated with anime is unique and recognizable. These familiar physical traits of anime characters are large bright eyes, wild hair, long arms and limbs etc. This gives the writers an edge to express emotions through their characters in a more noticeable manner. Moreover, special dramatic effects are incorporated as well such as lightning, sound effects, closeups and zoom ins or vibrant colors. Nevertheless beyond just the apparent charm, anime has proven to be a favorite amongst the audience. This is due to its well rounded complex characters and engaging storylines.  


How to have access to anime?


Anime has been integrated into the online culture and is very easy to discover by children in today’s age. On the internet you can find it through full-length movies and TV shows to hashtagged posts on social media and even in fanfiction. The anime series are available on many TV channels around the world. You can even purchase them on DVD or Blu Ray. Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime are the popular household subscription services with old and new anime content. They provide users with a large number of anime franchises to stream.

Netflix has invested in the anime genre and has exclusive rights to some series like Glitter Force. Netflix is even producing some anime films and series in Japan for global releases on this platform.  Crunchyroll is a type of Netflix exclusively for anime. The two other sites that stream anime-focused shows are FUNimation and AnimeLab. Each of the three have their own apps for streaming the content. This can be downloaded and seen on smartphones, tablets, video game consoles and computers etc. They have services that also offer free ad-supported viewing options or a free 30-day trial.  It is free with ads but there is a premium option too. On torrent sites, although it is illegal to pirate shows, it still happens. Especially when the content is not available for streaming due to restrictions imposed by the country. Visit here French Translator.


Different Social Media Use For Watch Anime:

On YouTube kids can watch clips of their favorite movies or shows, fan-made videos or mashups. And On Tumblr you can find a lot of anime content like fan art and GIFs. On reddit the subreddits where fans gather to discuss anime include r/anime or r/animemes (memes on anime). Also there are many others for particular shows and movies. The fanart and memes are very famous on the photo sharing app, Instagram.

These posts can be found within seconds due to the #anime which has over 156 million posts. Then the anime-themes TikToks are equally important for they are used as viral sounds in even non-anime related videos. Spotify is another useful platform where kids search up soundtracks for their favorite anime shows and search, create or share these playlists. More importantly a big part of anime culture is visiting conventions. Such as fan festivals or gatherings featuring costumes (cosplays), panels, performances, vendor halls and more. Discord is a messaging app which is similar to Slack. This is a hub for anime servers where fans come to message and voice chat. The anime fanfiction is popular on sites like fanfiction.com or Wattpad.


Is anime safe for children?


This question about the influence on children has been asked by parents worldwide. Anime is animated movies produced from Manga comics. This originated from Japan such as Doraemon or Dragon Ball. There is a lot of violence in Anime and kids can watch Hunter x Hunter, Inuyasha or any similar show. They can see the characters entertainingly fight each other. Just like other genres of films and entertainment media there is hyper-violent content in anime too. Children will have access to gore depicted in movies like Attack, Attack on Titan, Blood C, Corpse Party etc.

Moreover Hentai is an anime genre which has pornographic content catering to ages 18+. This can have serious and lasting negative impacts on your child’s brain. Research shows that pornography can harm your child’s brain making it smaller. It distorts the perceptions of women and increases chances of addiction to this type of content. Parents must be vigilant as to whether the anime characters shows their children are watching are actually appropriate for their age.   


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