What Are The 3 Types Of Portfolio Management?

portfolio management

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What is Portfolio Management?

Portfolio management is the art of selecting the best combination of instrument and investment policies in terms of return and risk.

In portfolio management, the ratio of risk-return of the investor has followed the profit earned with the holding of investment instruments for a specific period.

When a person gives given their money to the portfolio manager for investing, the manager allocates this to diverse assets to get the maximum profit in form of return in low or negligible risk with their knowledge and expertise, this process is called portfolio management.

Importance Of Portfolio Management

Portfolio management plays an important role to manage the investment in an effective way. In portfolio management, the investment features are inspected and analyzed, and based on this analysis the funds are allotted in the different investment plans for getting the maximum profit. Investment in an asset with various features and facilities diversifies the risk and maximizes the return.

However, the most portfolio doesn’t devoid the market risk, it can only reduce risk. With the decrement of the degree of risk, the reduction in the return comes forth as well.

Thus, portfolio management involves the concepts of balancing risk by minimizing it and maximizing return for a specific period.

3 Most Common Type Of Portfolio Management

 The Three Main Portfolio Management are as follows:

Active Portfolio Management: Active portfolio management requires core research for the investment avenue. The investor or the portfolio manager purchases the stock when its rate is slow down in the market and when the rate is increased they sell them to giant the profit. The main potential of active portfolio management is the qualitative study of firms and evaluation of the rate of the stock. The drawback point of active portfolio management is that the success of the portfolio totally depends on the ability and knowledge of the portfolio manager.

Passive Portfolio Management: The passive portfolio management technique is opposite of the active management. The passive manager chooses to invest in the index funds with a low turnover rate but high long-term value. It aims to duplicate the return of a particular market index or benchmark. The money is invested in the index fund percentage-wise.

Discretionary Portfolio Management: Discretionary investment management is the management when the investment manager buying and selling decisions on behalf of a client at their discretion. After handing over the funds to the investment manager they wait for the profits that are expected to come.

What The Benefits Of Portfolio Management

Portfolio management is the best way to invest money and get the maximum profit. Let’s consider about fashion industry portfolio, fashion agencies select the portfolio for the investment project. Selecting a Fashion assignment help you can detail knowledge of such a portfolio.

The major benefit investor can get from portfolio management is the best decision in terms of finding the best portfolio for investment. The portfolio manager provides the best option after analyzing the risk to their clients.

Another advantage is the portfolio manager gives the best-advanced methods to get the maximum return for a specific period. Thus it helps investors to easily get the best resources for investing the money.


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