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Volume Update! Why the Search Volume Data Provided by Semrush Is the Most Accurate Available on the Market (Study)

seo list of services
seo list of services

Analysis of the Differences in Search Volumes

In order to validate the precision of our search volume estimates, we conducted a comparative analysis of our keyword data with the data of the most well-known SEO systems currently available on the market, utilising the keyword data from the United States area.

The following were considered to be competitive platforms during the study:

Google Keyword Planner Semrush

In order to evaluate how accurate the results are, a “real” search volume reference value was calculated using data from Google Search Console that had been anonymised.

We counted the number of impressions obtained by URLs that were front and centre on the search results page for each term in order to arrive at an accurate estimate of the volume associated with each phrase. When we use this strategy, we are able to state that in the vast majority of instances, X number of impressions equals X number of searches for that particular term.

The research was conducted in two stages: the first was a comparison of volume quality (accuracy), and the second was a comparison of database coverage SEO list of services.

Check out the methodology and the criteria of the research right here.

First Section: Volume and Quality

To begin, we examined all seven of the instruments at the same time. We determined the winner for each of the 10,000 keywords in our sample by determining which platform had a value that was the most similar to the reference value provided by GSC. Semrush emerged victorious in the vast majority of these head-to-head contests.

Due to the fact that there were instances in which several tools displayed the same search volume, the total number of results does not add up to one hundred percent. In such situations, we regarded all of the tools to be winners.

The proportion of term search volumes that were the most comparable to GSC value was found to be greatest in Semrush (the higher the better).

After that, we also conducted a series of head-to-head comparisons to analyse how the volume of our searches compared to those conducted on each individual platform.

These head-to-head competitions were won by Semrush in every instance and by a significant margin.

Accuracy in Regards to Trending Keywords

As we went further into the data, we discovered many reasons why the performance of other tools was much worse than that of Semrush. One of the reasons was that the volume estimates for popular search terms were off.

Because of recent happenings or recurring seasonal patterns, people are searching for trending terms for the very first time. The most typical places to look for trending keywords are in the news, sports, and entertainment sections of websites.

Check Out Our New Search Volume

with the help of the Keyword Magic Tool

image from an ad campaign offering a free trial

The Second Part: Database Coverage

The second thing that we needed to do was determine the approximate keyword coverage for each instrument. In order to do this, we examined the 10,000 keywords from the sample and determined which tools had the fewest “not found” terms in their respective databases.

Again, in terms of coverage, the keyword database offered by Semrush triumphed over those offered by other search programmes by a significant margin.

What can we infer from this information? You will now be able to receive an accurate view of what people are looking for in your market thanks to the new enhancements we have made to our machine learning system. This applies to both previously used keywords and new themes.

You will have a better chance of finding important terms in our database than in any other resource, and the statistics we provide on search traffic will be quite accurate.

Reasons Behind the Adjustments Made to Our Search Volume Algorithm

There are now a number of different ways that one may acquire statistics on search traffic. And search engine optimization specialists do not agree on a single truthful source.

When compared to the prior method, this one has five times as many data sources.


Astronauts can’t land on the moon without the support of mission control.

In the same way, your marketing needs a reliable data foundation to shoot for the stars!

With this new algorithm, you can be even more confident in all of your data-driven marketing decisions.

Check out the new and improved search volume in any keyword report on  or look for. Total Volume” of a topic in the Keyword Magic Tool.

The best news is that we’re never done improving! As we continue to serve you and listen to your feedback. We’ll continue to improve our data and algorithms further and faster.

Read more,click here:

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