Top Universities In Europe To Pursue PhD. In Economics

Ph.D. in Economics

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  • Introduction 1
  • Take a look at our picks below: 2
  • Lancaster University / Timberlake Consultants, London, United Kingdom 2
  • Tor Vergata University of Rome, Rome, Italy 2
  • University of Barcelona’s UB School of Economics is located in Barcelona, Spain. 3
  • Kirchberg, Luxembourg: University of Luxembourg 3
  • Guildford, United Kingdom’s University of Surrey 4
  • The Paris School of Economics is located in Paris, France. 4
  • Neuchâtel University, Neuchâtel, Switzerland 5
  • Autonomous University of Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain 5
  • Carcavelos, Portugal’s NOVA School of Business and Economics 5
  • CEMFI, Madrid, Spain 6
  • Ruhr Graduate School in Economics (RGS Econ), Essen, Germany 7
  • Louvain Economics School, Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium 7
  • Barcelona Graduate School of Economics, Barcelona, Spain 7
  • University Carlos III of Madrid, Madrid, Spain 8
  • Adam Smith Business School, University of Glasgow, Glasgow, UK 8
  • Collegio Carlo Alberto, University of Torino, Turin, Italy 9
  • ISCTE – University Institute of Lisbon, Lisbon, Portugal 10
  • University of St. Gallen, St. Gallen, Switzerland 10

Top Universities in Europe to Pursue PhD. In Economics

If you’re considering an economics Master’s or Ph.D. programme, it’s critical to think about choices that align with your research interests and personal style. Today, we’re presenting a list of the finest Masters and PhD programs in economics provided by European institutions to assist you in finding the perfect postgraduate program for you.

The Ph.D. in Economics, which is sponsored by the Department of Economics, is currently considered one of the best in Europe, as evidenced by major universities’ recent recruitment of our students (UCLA, ENS Paris, HEC Paris, Carlos III).

This curriculum is aimed to give top-notch economics academic and practical instruction. It pours highly trained economists into university jobs and jobs that demand the greatest level of doctorate training, such as international organizations, thinks tanks, research organizations, government ministries, banks, and insurers.

Take a look at our picks below:

Lancaster University / Timberlake Consultants, London, United Kingdom

The following programs are available:

MSc in Applied Econometrics Online

This online MSc is for professionals who want to develop their applied econometrics skillset in a flexible and customizable format, expanding their network, competencies, and career opportunities by learning from the best names in the industry (Prof. Sir David Hendry, Prof. Jeffrey Wooldridge, Prof Siem Jan Koopman, and many others), earning a quadruple accredited qualification, and expanding their network, competencies, and career opportunities by learning from the best names in the industry globally (Prof. Sir David

Students can choose to pursue a specialized MSc programme:

  • Micro econometrics and Empirical Economics
  • Time Series and Forecasting 
  • Machine Learning

Students might choose to study just one module. Alternatively, they can pursue a variety of Lancaster University-accredited courses, ranging from a PG Diploma to a full MSc in Applied Econometrics.

Tor Vergata University of Rome, Rome, Italy

The following programs are available:

Ph.D. in Finance and Economics

The worldwide Ph.D. in Economics and Finance is a four-year research program aimed at providing advanced specialization in Economics, Finance, and Econometrics to students pursuing a successful career in academia or in organizations requiring advanced financial, economic, and statistical abilities.

  • It provides a distinguished faculty with Italian and foreign professors with demonstrated teaching and research experience; 
  • a lively intellectual atmosphere that emphasizes breadth and a critical mindset; collaboration and joint research with fellow students and faculty members; 
  • an international environment with highly qualified students from all over the world; worldwide connections with opportunities to speak at conferences; and 
  • An international environment with highly qualified students from all over the world.

The Department of Economics and Finance organizes the Ph.D. in Economics, including lectures, seminars, and meetings with high-quality short-visiting academics from the EU, UK, and US. Scholarships and funding for research are available.

University of Barcelona’s UB School of Economics is located in Barcelona, Spain.

The following programs are available:

Economics Master’s Degree

The UB School of Economics’ MSc in Economics is a high-quality master’s degree that equips economists to conduct cutting-edge research in one of the world’s most prestigious universities. The Universities Council has awarded this program an Excellence Award, which recognizes excellent achievements and performance. The programme also received the highest possible score of Quality-level Compliant in the Additional Dimension of Internationalization.

  • The MSc in Economics is designed for recent graduates who want to improve their research abilities by taking a variety of courses taught fully in English by our best researchers. 
  • Because this is a two-year master’s program, students will have the opportunity to hone their methodological abilities and specialize in areas of personal interest.


Kirchberg, Luxembourg: University of Luxembourg

MSc in Quantitative Economics and Finance 

The Master of Science in Quantitative Economics and Finance at the University of Luxembourg is a one-year program that introduces highly gifted students to fundamental research methodologies in the disciplines of Economics and Finance. Advanced courses in Economics and Finance are available to familiarize students with fundamental research methodologies in these disciplines. 

A wide range of electives allows students to specialize in Economics or Finance. Throughout this challenging academic year, students benefit from the faculty’s broad research interests as well as a diverse student body. They learn about the activities of research-related occupations both inside and outside academia.

Financial Economics track of the MSc in Finance and Economics

The MSc in Finance and Economics – Financial Economics track at the University of Luxembourg is a one-year specialized programme in Financial Economics designed to help you gain expertise in decision making by combining economic and financial knowledge with statistical, econometric, and analytic data methods. 

The program prepares students for a career in consulting and policy analysis in the financial and banking industries, as well as in the public sector, which includes ministries, central banks, statistics offices, and international organizations. During the second semester, you will get experience working in one of Europe’s top financial centers. Their apprenticeship program will help you get access to European and local organizations, ministries, and multinational corporations that have chosen Luxembourg as their headquarters.

Guildford, United Kingdom’s University of Surrey

The following programs are available:

The School of Economics offers master’s degree programs.

The School of Economics at Surrey is ranked in the top ten for business and economics in the UK by the Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2021, and it provides a variety of master’s degree programs. You’ll learn from a worldwide community of world-renowned scholars on various master’s programs. 

Students have access to a dedicated computer lab where they may use specialized applications. There’s also a lot of freedom in terms of what you study, with a wide selection of module options and research topics to fit your goals. They offer the following postgraduate Economics programs in addition to the Economics MRes: MA in Economics, MSc in Economics, and MSc in Economics and Finance.

Economics doctoral program (MRes+PhD)

The School of Economics at Surrey also provides an appealing doctorate program that is structured similarly to top US Ph.D. programs. Their MRes/Ph.D. The economics programme is aimed at individuals with a strong foundation in economics, generally with an MSc in the field, who want to do cutting-edge doctoral research in the field. The MRes Economics program is the most common way to get into the Ph.D. program. 

The MRes program lasts one year and includes cutting-edge instruction in micro, macro, econometrics, and research techniques. It is followed by the Ph.D. in Economics, which lasts three to four years and includes advanced Ph.D. field courses and research. Applicants holding a degree comparable to MRes are eligible for a restricted number of direct entrance spots into the Ph.D. in Economics. The MRes/Ph.D. programme at Surrey has a small cohort size, which is one of its most appealing features. This ensures that the student’s research interests are well-matched with top academic supervisors.

The Paris School of Economics is located in Paris, France.

The following programs are available:

EDCBA stands for Economic Decision and Cost-Benefit Analysis. Master’s degree in science

EDCBA is a Master of Science (MSc) in economic computation for investment choices, with applications in areas such as planning, energy, environment, health, and digital transformation. The École des Ponts ParisTech has accredited it, and the PSE has certified it. EDCBA fills a significant demand among businesses and government agencies for economic analysis of investment proposals. 

It combines the academic brilliance of the École des Ponts ParisTech’s degrees with the creative approach of the Paris School of Economics’ approved courses. Students and young professionals with a 4-year Bachelor’s, Master’s 1 or 2 degree in economics, statistics, or mathematics from a university, a Grande école, an engineering school, or a business school are eligible to apply for this Master of Science program, which is taught fully in English.

Neuchâtel University, Neuchâtel, Switzerland

The following programs are available:

Applied Economics Master’s Degree

The MSc in Applied Economics (MScAPEC) offers students a unique chance to learn how to apply economics methods to real-world problems. The program’s main goal is to provide students a thorough grounding in current economic concepts, including applying abstract thinking to specific issues and using data to guide market tactics or policy initiatives. 

Ph.D. in Economics from the World Trade Organization, the Swiss National Bank, the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development, the Swiss Federal Office for Statistics, and the Swiss Federal Office for Spatial Development teach the program, which is a unique blend of academic professors and practitioners.

The Autonomous University of Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain

The following programs are available:

Master of Applied Economics and Business Research (MAREB)

MAREB’s major goal is to give you specialised scientific training, conceptual/theoretical and methodological, targeted at graduates with a strong academic, professional, and research interest in applied economics and business development and management. This Master’s degree combines theoretical knowledge with application to real-world economic challenges, providing high-quality training in economics and business research using analytical and quantitative techniques. Under certain situations, a limited number of tuition exemptions are offered to students.

Economic Master’s Program (IDEA) – Barcelona

Students enrolled in the IDEA Graduate Program in Economics are prepared for academic professions as well as employment as specialists in business, finance, government, and research. Our students and staff are immersed in an English-speaking worldwide community, and our graduates participate in the global job market and are placed there. IDEA collaborates between the Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona’s Department of Economics and the Institute d’Anàlisi Economica. Students get a solid foundation in Economics and Finance through the curriculum, which stresses rigorous analytical thinking as well as advanced mathematical and computational approaches. The curriculum covers a wide range of specializations, preparing students for the job market and equipping them with the cutting-edge information needed to pursue a Ph.D.

Carcavelos, Portugal’s NOVA School of Business and Economics

The following programs are available:

Economics Master’s Degree

Eduniversal ranked the Master’s in Economics as the third best Master’s in Economics in Europe in 2019. The curriculum not only teaches cutting-edge theoretical and empirical approaches, but it also emphasises the development and acquisition of the instruments necessary for practical policy analysis. For the evaluation of policy initiatives, this implies econometric and numerical software or contemporary econometric methodologies.

The application period for the autumn intake is available from January 6 to May 31. The Student Recruitment & Admissions Office advises that applications be submitted as soon as possible.

International Development and Public Policy Master’s Degree

The Master’s programme in International Development and Public Policy addresses the need for applied training in the fields of public policy and development and is designed to attract high-quality international students from a variety of disciplinary backgrounds, including social sciences, humanities, economics, political science, and engineering.

The MIDPP equips students with high-level abilities that are in demand in organizations that deal with local and international public policy (involving both developed and developing countries).

CEMFI, Madrid, Spain

The following programs are available:

Economics and Finance Master’s Degree

CEMFI’s Master in Economics and Finance, taught by internationally known researchers, will provide you with a solid foundation in Economics and Finance, cutting-edge quantitative tools, and cutting-edge expertise in your selected fields of concentration. You’ll be part of an active, coherent, and interesting academic community where you may set the groundwork for a successful career. Graduates are seeking employment in financial institutions, consulting firms, international organizations, governmental agencies, and doctorate programs at prestigious universities.

Ph.D. in Economics 

The CEMFI Ph.D. in Economics Program will equip you for a successful career in academia, central banks, and public and private sector entities. You will be immersed in a vibrant academic atmosphere with professors that are both accessible and supportive. The coursework stage will provide you with cutting-edge tools for conducting research in a wide range of economics topics. The research stage fosters an international academic atmosphere in which you may grow into a self-sufficient and productive professional. The average study period is five to six years.

Ruhr Graduate School in Economics (RGS Econ), Essen, Germany

The following programs are available:

Economics PhD program

The programme combines a strong core curriculum with a unique research environment that includes four economics departments as well as a prominent economic research center. The program is relevant for students interested in any area of economics, including microeconomics, macroeconomics, econometrics, finance, and statistics, and provides clusters of expertise in policy analysis and applied micro (labor, health, environmental, and resource economics, experimental and behavioral), macroeconomics and macro econometrics, micro theory, and micro-and macroeconomic aspects. RGS Econ and its affiliates provide access to extensive data resources as well as data analytic skills.

Louvain Economics School, Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium

The following programs are available:

Economics Master’s Degree Programs

The Economics School of Louvain (ESL) offers a wide choice of advanced and multidisciplinary courses, which are primarily taught in English, and are taught by world-renowned professors. ESL is a fantastic way to be ready for Ph.D. programmes and/or high-level professional employment. The ESL is regarded as a school that excels in both teaching and research, and Eduniversal has placed its programs 17th in the globe out of 17.000 programs in 154 countries. It’s also built a large network of prestigious partner institutions for joint master’s degree programs and foreign exchanges to broaden your horizons. 

Louvain-la-Neuve is 30 kilometers south of Brussels, making it an ideal location for travel throughout Europe. The city campus, which has a population of over 30,000 people, is a vibrant and varied community that provides a wide range of services and recreational activities. International students enrolled in ESL’s Research master’s programs are eligible for financial assistance. 

Barcelona Graduate School of Economics, Barcelona, Spain

The following programs are available:

Master’s degrees in economics, finance, and data science are available.

The Master’s Degree in Economics and Finance provides a solid foundation and in-depth knowledge of the field’s foundations, applications, and policies, using both theoretical and empirical techniques. Students will undertake technically challenging studies utilizing strong analytical and quantitative tools in an intense and collaborative setting. After graduation, 94 % of graduates found work within six months and became part of a global network of over 2000 alumni.

University Carlos III of Madrid, Madrid, Spain

Programs available:

Industrial Economics and Markets Master’s Degree

The goal of this Master’s program is to prepare specialists in three major areas: industrial organization, business economics, and quantitative economic analysis. It’s a two-year course. Microeconomics, Quantitative Economic Analysis, Finance, and Business Economics are taught in the first year and are common to all disciplines. The second-year includes basic courses in Industrial Organization (Regulation and Competition Economics), three specialty areas in the Economic Sectors of Energy, Transportation, and Telecommunications, and a dissertation.

Economics Master’s Degree

This Master’s degree will provide you a working understanding of the most important techniques in quantitative economics. The curriculum will prepare you for a job in government agencies, international organizations, or the private sector by preparing you to specialize in one of the several disciplines of economics. It also serves as the first step for students interested in pursuing a research career by enrolling in an Economics Ph.D. program.

Economic Analysis Master’s/PhD Program

The Universidad Carlos III de Madrid’s Economics Graduate Program comprises a two-year Master of Economic Analysis followed by a three-year Ph.D. in Economics. Students pick a variety of specialized field courses in the second year after studying a basic curriculum in the first. The courses introduce students to the cutting edge of research and equip them with quantitative and analytical skills to understand current economic issues.

Adam Smith Business School, University of Glasgow, Glasgow, UK

Programs available:

Economics MRes and Ph.D. Research Program

The MRes (Master of Research) program is often followed by a three-year Ph.D. program. Which would cover tuition costs and a stipend for up to five years. Allowing students to obtain full MRes (pre-PhD) instruction and then do research in a selected field of economics. Culminating to a Ph.D. Students enroll in a two-year coursework program that includes core courses in Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, and Econometrics, as well as elective area courses, leading to the MRes degree. 

 The Adam Smith Business School features a significant number of research-active economists whose interests span a wide variety of topics. Allowing the school to supervise students in almost all areas of economics and finance. The Economics group offers four seminar series and workshops, and conferences on a regular basis.

Collegio Carlo Alberto, University of Torino, Turin, Italy

The following programs are available:

Economics Master’s Degree

The Master of Economics program at Collegio Carlo Alberto provides comprehensive instruction in current economic theory and methodology to its students. Master’s students interact with Collegio’s teachers, fellows, and researchers in addition to their curriculum. They can use Collegio’s facilities and participate in scientific activities, including seminars, lectures, and doctorate programs.

Finance, Insurance, and Risk Management Master’s Degree

The Master of Finance, Insurance, and Risk Management prepare you for a career in the financial industry’s high-skilled positions. Asset management, banks, insurers, hedge funds, consulting companies, and big businesses use graduates with strong quantitative finance and econometrics expertise. Central banks, regulators, sovereign wealth funds, and sovereign organizations are all looking for people with these abilities. Graduate students can also gain fast track entry to Ph.D. programmes in finance because of the program’s excellent academic foundation.

Economics Ph.D. (4-year)

You can organize your courses and write your Ph.D. dissertation in a variety of economics disciplines. With the Vilfredo Pareto Doctorate in Economics. Following a common set of core courses in the first term of the program (including review courses in mathematics and statistics as well as advanced courses in microeconomics, macroeconomics, and econometrics). You can choose from a list of elective courses to further prepare for your dissertation work. 

These are divided into three curricula:

1) Economic considerations

2) Complexity and Economics

3) Economics, Finance, and Statistics Theoretical Economics, Finance, and Statistics.

All events take place in the Collegio Carlo Alberto’s stunning new facility in central Torino. You will be able to participate in all scientific activities and profit from a dynamic and international academic atmosphere. You’ll receive yearly research funding and the opportunity to spend a portion of your third or fourth year as a visiting student abroad. It is also possible to enter into cotutelle agreements with other academic institutions, resulting in a double doctoral degree.

ISCTE – University Institute of Lisbon, Lisbon, Portugal

The following programs are available:

Economics Master’s Degree

Ranked by Eduniversal among the best in Western Europe. The Msc in Economics (120 ECTS credits) is recommended for students with a good technical background who wish to obtain a rigorous. In-depth education in economic theory and policy. At the graduate level to prepare a successful career as professional economists working for central banks. The banking industry, government institutions, and international organizations or as economic advisors and financial consultants. 

It also provides rigorous training for those interested in pursuing a Ph.D. and a career in academia. Extensive graduate-level economics training at an AACSB-accredited and FT-ranked institution like IBS gives up a wide range of professional options in economics, finance, and management. Another incentive to join our program is the opportunity to do so while living in Lisbon’s lovely and inviting city.

University of St. Gallen, St. Gallen, Switzerland

Graduate Program in Economics and Finance is one of the options (GPEF)

The GPEF offers a structured Ph.D. program in economics, econometrics. It prepares students for academic careers or jobs in policy and industry that need practical research. 

The University of St. Gallen is one of Europe’s most prestigious universities in finance, economics, and business. Successful applicants have earned (or are about to earn) a Master’s degree with honors in Economics. Econometrics, Finance, or a comparable subject, as well as a strong desire to undertake their own research. Starting in the autumn semester of 2021, they can enrol in one of two specializations: Economics / Econometrics (Ph.D. program in Economics & Econometrics, PEcon) or Finance (Ph.D. program in Finance, PiF).

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