Top trending Space browser games

Space browser games

A selection of the best games about space, for which any office computer with an installed browser and Internet access is enough to run. Most of them, moreover, are available absolutely free of charge.


A very nice strategy game in which gamers are challenged to build a massive empire from scratch with only a handful of buildings and a couple of cars at their disposal. The gameplay is standard for the genre: resource extraction, building construction, army training, territory expansion and inevitable conflicts with neighbors. All this is diluted with numerous missions, raids and corporate (as guilds are called here) battles.  


An entertaining game in which gamers get the opportunity to go from a space refugee without a penny in their pocket to the ruler of a galactic empire, able to stand on equal terms against a race of cruel conquerors who destroyed many civilizations. The path will not be easy, but very interesting, and as you progress through Aeon: Cryohazard, you will have to colonize more than one planet. Of course, it will not do without creating a powerful army ( ships , by the way, will have to be craft independently from the blueprints obtain), joining alliances with neighbors and participating in large-scale wars.


Another strategy (in this segment, representatives of this genre occupy a dominant niche), dedicated to the conquest of the galaxy. Without exaggeration, you can play XTerium endlessly , because there is simply no leveling ceiling, which means that there are no development limits . Therefore, theoretically, in this game you can become literally omnipotent – but, of course, you will have to invest a lot of work and time in the implementation of such a plan. Of the other features of the racing games unblocked, it is worth noting two development paths – peaceful and combat, the ability to create races with unique sets of bonuses, and wide guild opportunities.


A browser-based MMORPG from Polish developers that offers an isometric view , interesting turn-based combat and a non-linear storyline .


Combining turn-based strategy and MMORPG elements , Eternal Fury is set in a dying fantasy world. According to the plot, the ruler of the dead sent hordes of monsters into the world of the living, and only real heroes (one of which is you) will be able to stop the invasion. Behind a trivial idea lies a good gameplay, including building a city, hiring various heroes in a team and completing tasks that come down to dynamic turn-based battles with monsters. The gameplay, though not revolutionary, but it combines elements of the two genres, which individually are already rather fed up.  


A popular browser game available on the VKontakte social network with almost three million subscribers. Moreover, this project will be equally interesting for both sexes, allowing noble youths to perform glorious deeds, and lovely ladies to take care of their estate.  


Browser-based role-playing game, the plot of which is suspiciously similar to that of the popular series of fighting games Soulcalibur. Despite this, Soul Sword makes a pretty good impression with its three-dimensional picture and exciting battles with various monsters, bosses and other players. Also Read : How to buy amazing Quality Baby Doll Toys  


A free-to-play browser-based 3d racing games unblocked  that tells about the next invasion of evil forces in a fantasy world.

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