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Top 7 Reasons – Why Study in Perth

Reasons To Study in Perth

When it comes to studying in Australia, many people may think of Sydney and Melbourne, two famous cities in Australia. But in addition to these two cities, Australia has many other cities suitable for studying abroad, and Perth is one of them. Why Perth is suitable for studying? Let me tell you the reasons.

Reason 1. Low cost of living

Perth is not only a good place to live, but also a place with a low cost of living! Compared to Perth, Sydney’s consumer goods prices are 7.95% higher (including clothing and electronics), and grocery prices are 4.82% higher. The rent is also 91.32% higher. These figures actually mean that renting a one-bedroom apartment outside Sydney’s city centre may cost AUD 1956.54 per month, while in Perth it costs only AUD 1028.86 per month. Although the cost of living in Melbourne is not as high as in Sydney, Melbourne’s rent is still 33.56% higher than Perth’s. Hence, for those international students with financial difficulties, Perth is a better choice to study.

Reason 2. One of the most livable cities in the world

Spending less money on everyday items and paying rent does not mean that you cannot enjoy a high-quality life. Perth was ranked the top 15 most livable cities in the world in 2018 by the Economist Intelligence Unit. The agency ranks cities in five categories: infrastructure, stability, education, healthcare, culture, and environment. Perth was also ranked second in Australia in an annual survey conducted by realestate.com.au and Ipsos on livability and community value.

Residents ranked safety as the most important factor in determining a livable place, followed by housing, high-quality medical services and future employment prospects. Regardless of which aspect, Perth is a livable city.

Reason 3. Pleasant weather

Perth has a Mediterranean climate, with hot and dry summers and cool and humid winters. Perth has more sunshine time than the capital cities of other Australian states – blue sky can be seen 70% of the year. This means that you will have more time to enjoy outdoor time in your new living environment. In summer, residents of Perth can relax at 19 beaches, including Cottesloe Beach, which is rated as Australia’s No. 1 world-famous beach in 2019. In spring, walking a few hours north from here, you can admire incredible wildflowers, which is one of the most spectacular flower exhibitions in the world.

Reason 4. Multiculturalism

Compared to cities on the east coast, Perth is known as an “easier city”. In recent years, Perth has experienced a cultural renaissance, including the opening of Elizabeth Quay, the new waterfront area along the Swan River with a water park and many world-class restaurants and bars, Optus Stadium with 60000 seats which has hosted some big events, such as The Big Bash league and Australian rugby finals, concerts, etc.

Reason 5. Many tourist opportunities

Choosing to live and study in Perth means living in one of Australia’s most biodiversity and picturesque states. This state has more than 12,000 kilometers of coastline, world-famous food and wine regions, and more than 100 national parks. There are many things worth seeing and doing in this state.

To the south, you can reach the Margaret River region, which was rated as the top destination for Asia-Pacific tourism in 2019 by Lonely Planet; go to Romania to watch short-tailed kangaroos on Rottnest Island; or dive with whale sharks in Exmouth to explore the ancient landscape of Karijini National Park, or in Broome (Broome) riding a camel on the beach.

Reason 6. Prestigious universities

Perth is ranked 39th in the QS Best Student Cities Ranking. Several universities with higher international rankings have helped it get this position. It has three top 600 universities in the QS World University Rankings: the University of Western Australia (ranked 91st), Curtin University (ranked 250th) and Murdoch University (591-600). This makes learning in Perth more attractive.

Reason 7. Outstanding career development opportunities

No matter what some people think, studying abroad in Perth still contains all the opportunities you can find in Sydney and Melbourne, so don’t worry that you will miss some career prospects after graduation. In fact, recent research shows that with the construction and development of cities, there are more job opportunities in Perth than ever before. More and more large multinational companies are investing in the western capital to set up offices to provide high salaries and exciting new jobs. More importantly, Perth has a population of only 2.14 million instead of Sydney’s 5.4 million. Your commute to work will be more comfortable.

In a word, there are many reasons to study in Perth. If you want to study in Australia but have not chosen a city yet, you can consider this city. Here, you can find many top vocational courses Perth that enhance your career growth and make your future bright. You will get a wonderful experience in this city, especially when you get some helpful tips about studying in Australia for international students.

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