Top 7 Platforms & Tools for Marketing Automation in 2022

marketing automation tools

Various options. Most businesses must deal with that when choosing a marketing automation technology. It can be challenging to comprehend how the tools and industry landscape differ. We have experience because we know.


A while back, we looked for a marketing automation tool. We did research, spoke with analysts, and engaged in in-depth discussions with corporate representatives. Because analytics and marketing automation are complementary, we have since become increasingly involved in the sector. We’ve even partnered with several businesses. 


Automation tools that can help you:


1. Marketo


There’s a high chance that Marketo is the most well-known marketing automation platform. It’s one of the most advanced tools, with a rich feature set that not only helps marketers manage email campaigns but also provides excellent options for sales teams. Marketo’s marketplace, LaunchPoint, offers a wide range of connectors.


Who is it for?


In addition to basic marketing automation, Marketo offers a wide range of additional features. Although it isn’t the cheapest tool, it isn’t the most expensive either. If you’re not planning to use the system’s complex features, one of the more affordable instruments will produce the same results. If you want to start with the basics and move on to more complex features shortly, it might be a good idea to start with a tool like Marketo to avoid having to migrate all of your data and campaigns later on. One of our favorite features of Marketo is its knowledge area, which is a great resource for new users.


2. Eloqua


In the field of marketing automation, Eloqua is comparable to a Ferrari. It is fully furnished, provides first-rate service, and has a cost to match. One of Eloqua’s key differentiators is the time company devotes to instructing and aiding its clients in maximizing the platform.


Who is it for?


If you aren’t genuinely interested in enterprise-level software and don’t have the money for it, don’t look at Eloqua. Eloqua is a fantastic choice if you do, especially if you enjoy getting lots of advice from your IT vendors. Eloqua should be taken into account as well if precise CRM connectivity is crucial to you. they invest in educating and assisting their clients in making the most of the product.


3. Client.io


We appreciate Client.io mostly for its flexibility. You can use this tool to accomplish your objectives productively. Even if Client.io isn’t totally out of the box, you can truly customize it if you’re willing to put in some technical work. The simple user interface and prompt, helpful customer support are two excellent aspects of this program. Client.io, one of the newest businesses, is growing quickly and is one to watch. Unlike most earlier solutions, Client.io is made to send emails in response to events rather than just pageviews.


Who it’s for: 


Client.io is great for two different types of uses: 1. Businesses looking to start using marketing automation that value a lightweight user interface (i.e., not your typical enterprise software) and 2. Businesses looking for more advanced functionality that requires flexibility and customization are prepared to devote the developer resources to implement it. Client.io meets our marketing automation needs because Woopra falls into the second group.


4. Constant Contact


Constant Contact is a well-known email marketing platform for small businesses. It does an excellent job of providing essential features in a way that even non-technical users can utilize. Its ease of use and affordable price are two of its primary selling factors.


Who it’s for: 


Constant Contact is for small business owners who want to arrange their email marketing swiftly and don’t foresee needing any future need for more sophisticated features. If you meet this criterion, the tool is a terrific solution for you; however, if you intend to increase your marketing automation efforts soon, a different mechanism is required.


5. HubSpot 


The system performs a little bit of everything, but it doesn’t specialize in any one area at a deep level, which is both its advantage and disadvantage. As “inbound marketing software,” which identifies itself, HubSpot provides a wide range of functions, including marketing automation. This all-encompassing approach has a lot of potential.


Who is it for?


Both HubSpot and Constant Contact are excellent for small business owners, but HubSpot surpasses Constant Contact in terms of the additional capabilities it offers in addition to email marketing. HubSpot is a perfect choice if you’re searching for an “all-in-one” platform that provides you with the most fundamental features of multiple distinct marketing systems.

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6. ExactTarget/Pardot


ExactTarget’s demo at Dreamforce impressed us (the company was recently acquired by salesforce.com). ExactTarget’s ability to target messaging over a range of channels caught our interest. ExactTarget allows you to deliver mobile app notifications or even communications to a customer’s car’s dashboard, going beyond the normal email-centric focus of marketing automation systems (if, for example, you were a car manufacturer).


And if you’re wondering how ExactTarget and Pardot (which ExactTarget acquired) vary, the former is for B2C businesses, and the latter is for B2B businesses.


Who is it for?


The company that wants to push the limits of marketing automation and has the resources to do so should use ExactTarget. It is intended for companies that are seriously interested in the advancement of marketing automation and wish to interact with their customers in a variety of ways.


7. Userfox


Another recent entrant in the marketing automation sector, Userfox, was been purchased by AdRoll. Hopes are high for the future of their product as a result of the combined strength of the AdRoll and userfox teams. One of the userfox team’s co-founders previously collaborated with us at Woopra, so we are aware of their incredible talent.


Who is it for?


You’ll be in a good company if you work in the technology industry because Userfox primarily partners with tech firms. Because it features a lightweight user interface and is designed to send emails based on events (rather than just pageviews), similar to Customer.io, userfox is a great choice if that’s important to you. If you now use AdRoll, you might also consider moving to userfox because the acquisition will likely lead to close future integration between the two products.


These tools simply make our jobs easier by automating tasks so that we don’t need to spend as much time on them and can instead schedule and manage them. These topics are covered in the module of a digital marketing course and are required reading for all students. By giving these AI your instructions, they will update everything for you so that you don’t have to constantly stare at the screen. Develop these abilities to achieve the finest outcomes while managing all of your tasks.

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