Top 7 Free Data Science Online Courses

Demand for data science experts has been on the rise. IBM recently predicted a 28% increase in the number of employed data scientists in the upcoming years. In today’s data-driven world, every organization has joined the data collection race to extract valuable insights.

These insights are fundamental for companies since they help them to build relevant solutions, design targeted marketing strategies, and make data-oriented business decisions—no wonder why organizations across all industries are increasingly investing in data science technologies.


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Top Data Science Free Online Courses

1. Programming with Python – Introduction for Beginners

This course will teach you all about Python programming and how it can help you in your data science career. This comprehensive course covers everything from programming paradigms and control structures to building real-world Python solutions. This comprehensive course covers 17 hours of Python programming.

2. Learn Python Programming Basics

This 15-hour course is for beginners and teaches you about strings, lists, and other programming constructs through the lens of Python programming language. although, This course will prepare you to learn advanced programming concepts and techniques as well as dive deeper into Data Science.

3. Python Libraries: NumPy and Matplotlib.

This course on Python libraries is easy to follow for beginners, but it’s comprehensive. It will help you understand the various libraries that you’ll use throughout your Data Science career. although, Pandas, Matplotlib and Numpy are three of the most important Python libraries to work with large amounts of data and derive insights. although, This course will teach you how to tackle fundamental data science problems using Python libraries.

4. Introduction to Natural Language Processing

Natural Language Processing is about modeling human linguistics for computers to understand. This has many implications across many industries, from entertainment to healthcare and customer service. This 11-hour course will teach you the basics of Natural Language Processing. furthermore, You’ll also learn how to use regex to create spell correction, phonetic hashing and spam detection tools.

5. The Fundamentals of Deep Learning of Neural Networks

This course is for those who are fascinated by deep learning, and want to learn how the neuronal structure in our brains is reproduced to make machines more intelligent. although, This course will teach you about neural networks and learning in them. It also covers feedback and feed-forward learning and other concepts that can be applied to deep learning.  furthermore ,This course lasts 28 hours and is your ideal entry point into the world of Deep Learning and Neural Networks.

6. Basics of inferential statistics

Statistics is an integral part of Data Science, and inferential stats more so. Data Science is about more than just collecting data. This course will teach you how to use the correct tools and techniques to perform inferential statistical analysis on data. This course is 15 hours long and covers statistics and probability, continuous-discrete probabilities, sampling methods, their error quantification and the central limit theorem.

7. Data Science in Ecommerce

E-commerce is an expanding industry. although, This course will teach you all about data science and analytics in an e-commerce website. This 13-hour course will give you a better understanding of data-driven decisions in e-commerce businesses and introduce you to important tools and techniques.


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