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Top 6 winter lake trek in india


Indian mountain trails take on subliminal beauty during the winter season. Cross the frozen streams, winter grass and snow-covered paths of India’s winter trek, and experience lots of adventure and excitement while seeing aspects of nature that seem to enhance your spirit.


  • Chopta Chandrashila Winter Trek- Ramble to the Highest Shiva Temple

One of the easiest and most famous trekking in Uttarakhand, Chopta-Chandrashila Trekking visits pristine lakes, tallest Shiva temples and secluded villages on the beautiful backdrop of the Chopta Valley. The trekking expedition begins in Kumato and goes to Deoliatal via the village of Sari. Chopta is a birdwatcher’s paradise. Here you can see various Himalayan birds such as Himalayan Monal, Hilprinia, Rammerje and Golden Eagle. In Tangnas, hikers witness the tallest temple in the world, Shiv. 

 After receiving the blessing of Lord Shiva,  the wanderer climbs to the top of the moon rock. Continue at H. Chandrashila 4000m. Trekking offers stunning views of the mountains around the magnificent surroundings of Trishula, Nanda Devi and Chaukhamba. Leaving the camera at home for this hike can be regrettable for hikers.


  • Dodital Winter Trek- Journey to Abode of Lord Ganesh

Trekking from Sangam Chatti to Dodital is one of the best trekking for those  who want to experience trekking for the first time. Hiking is easy, but it’s challenging in winter as it’s covered in snow. This trek begins in Sangamchatti and passes through a dense forest where you can see various Himalayan birds flying freely in the sky. As the trekker begins to climb Agoda, you can see the summits of western and eastern Uttarakhand. Trekking continues to the village of Bebra, an idyllic village known for its potato, bean and rajma plantations and the Assigangis river. On the banks of the Ashigart River, trekker can  relax in the camp or enjoy trout fishing in the Himalayas.


  • Dayara Bugyal Winter Trek- Sight to behold

If you’ve ever asked a trekker about the easiest trekking in Uttarakhand, the answer is Dayarab Gal Trek. During the winter, the area is hit by heavy snow, turning the trail  into a slope that covers an area of ​​28 km². The Dayara Bugyal Winter Trek is  perfect  for amateurs and will quickly show you the best places in the Garwar Himalayas. 

The trekking expedition begins in the village of Barus or Reisal, and after crossing the pine forest, the trekker arrives at Barnara. Barnara is a tree-lined meadow that turns into a ski resort in winter. At the far left  of the field you can see the famous Lake Barnara. The mysterious part of the lake is that  the surface of the lake remains clean, even though it is surrounded by dense forest. After Barnara, Trekker heads to Dayara, which is blessed with vast meadows. During the winter, the Dayara slopes are a great place to ski. After the dayara, the trekker will move to  the final destination of the trek, Bakariya Top.


  • Nag Tibba Trek- Pilgrimage to Nag Devta’s Abode

Nagti Batrec attracts adventurers, nature lovers and Hindus from different parts of the world. Locals usually trek here to  visit Nagdev (the snake god) to protect the village.Glittering hikes are known for their natural beauty that can be seen here. Beginning in Dehradun, trekking passes through hidden settlements such as Pantowari, Negative and Dehradun, and finally ends in Zayur. From Thatyur village, one can see vistas of the adjacent peaks like Swargarohini (6,252 metres) and Nanda Devi (7,816 metres).


  • KedarKantha Winter Trek-In the fairyland

Kedarkantha Winter Trek is  the most mysterious and mysterious empire in nature. From Sunshine, trekking leads to Judaka Talab or simply Jaadu Talab. This is a fascinating lake surrounded by dense alpine forests and maple trees. After spending a free day  at JudaKaTalab, the  next day, the trekker goes to Kedakansa Base and then to Kedakansa Peak. Trekkers continue downhill until they reach an apple orchard called the Hargaon Pass. According to Trekker, the  Hargaon Pass is one of the most beautiful downhill slopes in the Himalayas.


  • Kuari Pass Trek- The Lord Curzon Trail

The Qualipas Winter Trek expedition is Sir Carzon’s greatest contribution  to India. The trekking expedition begins in Joshimath, the town that became the hub of all trekkers. In trekking, you will move to a lesser-known path and finally to the highest point of trekking, the Quaripath. 

 When the trekker arrives at Qualipas, he offers breathtaking views of neighbouring mountains such as Nanda Devi, Chaukhamba, Camet, Hati Jodi Palbert and Dronagiri. During the descent, tourists can keep an eye out for Auri, one of India’s finest ski resorts. It is one of Garhwal’s most fascinating trekking trails, passing through various streams, alpine forests, green meadows, or the confluence of “Bugal ” and Shakunage forests.


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