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Top 5 trekking in Kasol


No doubt Kheerganga, Sar pass treks are one of the most popular and most visited treks in Kasol by the people, every year there are thousands of tourists exploring the majestic beauty of those treks. But for the true adventure seekers, here are some of the least visited or underrated places which gives a magical experience for the people visiting these places because the least visited places are the ones which are the most beautiful as they have the true peace and silence free from the hustles of the city. 

Malana Trek 

Malana trek which is popularly known as the Magic trek or Magic malana, is a must visit trek in Kasol. You can say that the Malana village is a beautiful secret behind the mountains as it is nestled in the Parvati valley. On the off chance that you’re interested about this unbelievable town, where local people run their own vote based system, communicate in a language known exclusively to themselves and accepted to be Satan’s language, and savagely watch their way of life against pariahs, this journey gives you a brief look into their lives.

From here you will witness the unrealistic beauty of this place which will take you to a different universe. A universe where you will find nature’s beauty, peace, fun, enjoyment and a hell lot of memories. This place is truly a magic; a magic on earth and if you are a true devotee of magic then this place will be heaven for you. 


Rasol pass 

Rasol which is at a height of 3,048 m is a little town high up in the mountains of Parvati Valley and the length of the Rasol journey is 8 km one way. With an entrancing perspective that goes with you all through the journey, assuming you are searching for a town to discover a sense of reconciliation, marvelous perspectives and a town feel, then, at that point, Rasol is the ideal location for you.

This day’s journey from Kasol is a decent opportunity to investigate the district and departure to the disconnection of the mountains. You’ll have a genuinely steep ascension, yet at the top, you’ll be compensated with perspectives on picturesque valleys, spouting streams and snow-covered tops. You’ll get to cross the quick streaming blue Parvati waterway, cross green inclining fields, and stroll through interesting villages, as well as open scenes and woods of Rhododendron trees.



Tosh Village trek is a trek which each tourist comes across during his weekend trip in Kasol but what if you want to spend more time trekking and exploring the majestic beauties of Kasol treks. So here is one amazing and hidden trek for you to continue after the Tosh trek. Tosh goes about as the middle point from where the absolute most intriguing Kasol traveling trip start.

Buddhaban in one such spot found further toward the north of the Tosh Village. Aside from the 1 km steep climb close to Kutla Village, the path is generally simple and even. Apple plantation, the beautiful Kutla Village, Tosh River, and a superb looking Buddhaban campground make the features of this short trip from Tosh town close to Kasol. 



Kalga or also known as Kalgha is a little town in Himachal Pradesh situated at a height of 8200 ft on a forested slope close to Kasol in the Parvati Valley. Offering a 360 degree perspective on the whole valley, it is an ideal objective to visit previously or in the wake of doing the Kheerganga Trek. This is all the more simple trek. The main attraction of Kalga course is the enormous cascade you experience halfway. You’ll scarcely observe not many bistros in transit, not at all like Nagnath course.

Be that as it may, its more pleasant, gud journey between the forest. Travelers can take the HRTC transport to Barshaini which is the last stop in Parvati Valley. From Barshaini, journey the entire way to Kalga. As you cross a white-painted Shiva sanctuary, you would see a sign board and two streets. Make a beeline for the street going up and soon you would go over steps prompting Kalga town. There are around 120 stages that take around 20 to 25 minutes to climb.


Tirthan Valley Trek 

If you are craving for a challenging adventure with rivers, fun and excitement then this trek is surely made for you. This trek is named after the Tirthan river because here in this trek, you will be crossing the Tirthan river which will be flowing through the Tirthan valley. Tirthan Valley is among the less visited places which make it more lovely and quiet. Plan an end of the week escape to Tirthan Valley and investigate the Great Himalayan National Park which is additionally an UNESCO world legacy site.

The Valley draws its name from the Tirthan River, which begins from the ice sheets in the Himalayas. The immaculate waterway will certainly blow your mind. It is a virtual heaven for fishermen because of the large number of Trout fish. Other than offering the awesome vistas, the valley is one of the most mind-blowing bird watching objections in Himachal Pradesh! The most amazing aspect of the valley is its area, as it lies on the stream bank which makes the experience delightful. 

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