Top 5 Places To Visit In Chicago


Often referred to as Windy City, Chicago has always proved to be the best destination for vacations. These top 5 places to visit in Chicago will convince you better for the same. The interesting architecture, several cultural spots, and amazing places for shopping make Chicago one of the top places to attract thousands of tourists.

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List of Top 5 Places To Visit In Chicago

Millennium Park

It is justified to bring this up right away because there isn’t a better place to start. You can visit this location to unwind in the park’s 25 acres of space the day you arrive in Chicago. There are several architectural and artistic features in the park. You can engage in a variety of activities at the park in addition to its mesmerizing beauty. The cloud gate, the beans, and the crown fountain are a few of the park’s main attractions.

Art Institute of Chicago

The Art Institute of Chicago must be mentioned while discussing some of the most significant and established institutions in the world. It started operating in 1879. So, in this wind city, you simply can’t expect the weather to be great every single day. What would be the finest area to amuse yourself without wasting your days if you were to travel to Chicago and it began to rain there? Well, visit this museum because it contains all of the beauty. So you may spend the entire day inside admiring over three lakh items of art from throughout the globe that spans various historical periods.

Lincoln Park Zoo

35 acres of land are devoted to a zoo at Lincoln Park. And the best part about the park-zoo is that anyone may visit it, and it’s completely free. If you are going with young children, it may be difficult for you to imagine, but the zoo includes over 1100 kinds and creatures from all over the world. The importance of taking them to this zoo increases at that point. They will witness some of nature’s most stunning species. Additionally, if you wish to observe some aquatic or marine life, you can enjoy feeding some of the tiny barnyard animals like cows and goats. The Kolve Sea pool is your next stop. 

Chicago’s First Lady Cruise

This adventurous sightseeing cruise trip cannot be better than any other.  It takes around 90 minutes to have a complete tour. While sailing through the river, your guide will tell you all about the buildings and about the historical stories behind them. 

Shedd Aquarium

The only aquarium in Chicago is this one. Therefore, you must go here if you’re in Chicago and want to experience aquatic life. There are only a few water shows here, like “Wild Reef” and “Amazon.” Here, you may see some of the enormous aquatic creatures. Above all, you won’t just be able to observe the creatures. You will actually feel as though you are having a conversation with the animals. The aquarium’s sharks, anacondas, and stingrays are among its highlights.

Moreover, you can also meet the giant family of penguins in the Polar Play Zone exhibit. You can greet him and spend time with them.

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