Tips To Clean AC Filter To Restore Efficiency Of AC

If you know how to clean your AC filter, then you can easily do the maintenance of your AC. The way you do the maintenance of your AC plays a very important role. Here, in this article, we are going to discuss various important aspects of cleaning the filter. It includes various steps and some of them are described below:

Basics Of Cleaning Filter Of AC 

First of all, all air conditioner filters can be cleaned easily. In case your filter contains some written instructions like “non-serviceability,” then you should replace your filter rather than clean it. You can easily find the replacement air filters in the nearest hardware stores. You should ensure that you find the appropriate size. We recommend you bring your old filter while buying the new one. It is a good idea to take the help of professionals such as ducted air conditioning Sydney. 

Reason For Cleaning AC Filter 

Air conditioners help in circulating air throughout the home. They are dependent on filters for trapping dirt and debris. Otherwise, dust and dirt would be circulated along with the fresh air. If a filter is a clogged, then the air conditioner will work hard and pump a lot of air. It uses more electricity and reduces the lifespan of your AC. In addition to this, it will also help in reducing the air quality inside your home.

Steps To Clean AC Filter

The basic steps to follow while cleaning the filter of your ducted AC are described below; 

Determine Location Of AC Filter

In the ducted AC, the filter is placed near the cold air return. Sometimes, the filters are placed inside the garage because houses do not have basements. In some ducted AC, then filters are placed behind the return vents. You should find the accurate location of the filter in your AC.

Shut Power Off

Now, before you start the cleaning process, you should turn off the power. It is better to turn off the unit to ensure safety and protection. Otherwise, you may get an electric shock or damage to your AC. Therefore, it is very important to cut down the power.

Remove the Filter and Vacuum It

Usually, there are plenty of ducts accumulated inside the filter. It is possible to remove most of it by using vacuum cleaners that have bristled attachments. You should do it for all the filters installed in your ducted AC. Cleaning all the filters is very important. It is important to make sure that you vacuum both sides of the filters.

Soak Filter In Mixture Of Water & Vinegar

You should soak the filter in a mixture of water and vinegar. This mixture should contain both in 1:1. But before soaking your filter in the mixture, you should carefully read the manual or instructions mentioned on the filter. Some filters can damage the water. Thus, reading instructions carefully is very important to avoid any damage to your filter. 

You should soak your filter in the mixture only if it is water friendly. You should soak the filter in the mixture for an hour. Before you start re-installing the filter, you should let the filter dry completely. If you don’t have a large basin that can hold the filter of your air conditioner, then you can use the hose. But it is important to ensure that you set the pressure very low because anything very intense can rip through the filter.  

Reinstall Your Filter

If you have cleaned your filter, then the last thing to do is reinstallation. Most filters constitute arrows that indicate which way they should. It is very important to point the direction of the arrow to the airflow. After proper installation, you are all done. If you are in a cleaning mood, then start doing it now.

How Often Should You Clean AC Filter

You should make it a habit of regularly checking your AC filter at least once a month. You should make it part of a regular check. It is recommended to either clean or replace the unit based on the type of filter you have. If it is reusable, then you should clean it, otherwise replace it. If your AC has an outdoor central unit, then you can spray water on it. Otherwise, you should not spray water on it without reading the instructions.

Final Words

The filter is an important part of the AC. You should not ignore it at any cost. It is recommended to do general cleaning on the monthly basis. We should conduct rigorous cleaning every year with the help of professionals like air conditioning Sydney contractors. You should do rigorous cleaning, even when AC is most used. It will help in maintaining the high efficiency of AC and increase the lifespan of your air conditioning unit. 

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