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Tips on Why and How to Choose an iOS App Development Company

iOS apps appearing on mobile.

It’s true iOS app developers NYC are hard to come by. Many proclaim to be experts, but most only have experience with cross-platform development, not native. And when your project depends on these specialists, you need an agency that won’t let you down.

So, if you’re out hunting for the best professionals in the field to work on your app development NYC, you can do that by carefully going through all the options available. However, if you don’t know what to look for, you may end up being scammed. So, in this post, we will describe everything you need to know when you choose a company for your iOS app development.

But before that, let’s talk about why you need to go native in the first place.

Why Do You Need Native iOS Apps and App Developers NYC?

When you have an app idea you wish to launch, you have two main choices for development: cross-platform specialists or native experts. You can hire either, depending on your strategy. It’s only a matter of choosing what is right for you. Here are the main reasons why some business users prefer native app development:

  • Native has the best performance: This is true. Although cross-platform applications have come a long way and can now provide users with almost the same experience as native, the latter still holds the crown for the best performance.
  • Native apps have a better stack of features: Because developing native apps allows developers to use the appropriate UI kit directly and not some workarounds, there are a plethora of options for you to explore and utilize in your application.
  • There are fewer bugs during native development: Working on a single codebase is much easier than working on two or more at once. The former has a lower chance of getting bugs than the latter.
  • Native apps provide a better user experience: Native apps leverage the device’s OS to give a smooth, seamless experience. The user is already familiar with the existing actions on their smartphone (where the back or delete buttons should be, etc.), and the app simply integrates this to create a better flow for the end user.
  • Native apps are more secure: There are two reasons why native apps have better security. One is because they have access to the platform-specific features. And the other is because non-native apps use WebViews and are vulnerable to web-based attacks.

Now, to develop a native application, you need someone who understands the platform and its complete suite of features so they can help you figure out what to include and what to avoid. You also need an expert who is fluent in the tech stack required for native iOS development, like Objective C and Swift.

How to Choose the App Development Company for Your iOS Project?

Now, if you’ve decided to move forward with your native iOS application development in NYC, you need to choose a reliable service provider. There are many options online, so here are some things to look out for when shortlisting:

1.      Experience and Tech Stack

You need to check for the team’s experience with the appropriate tech stack. They should have the experience to understand the tools’ nuances and how to make use of them in varying case scenarios. You can talk to them to see if they have innovative solutions to what you intend your app to deliver. This will help you gauge their knowledge.

2.      Right Tools for the Right Project

This is linked to the point mentioned above. If you hire a talented bunch with robust experience, you can trust them to choose the right tools for your project. There are numerous options for technology to use, and a veteran will know exactly what to pick for your application.

Think of it this way: when you

3.      Passion for the Work

The iOS app development NYC team or experts you hire for the job should have a passion for what they do. If they don’t, you’ll get handed an application that may very well do the job but will miss a wow factor. This is something only passionate individuals can help you with. So, look for professionals who love what they do and are excited by the prospect of working on your project.

4.      UI/UX Design Capabilities

Ensuring the user experience is seamless for the customers is as crucial as it is to solving an existing problem with your application. If your iOS app is not easy to use and it fails your intended audience, then your entire project might be useless. So, you need a team of terrific UI/UX design experts who understand the critical role they play in the success of an application.

Talk to these experts and ask how they will work on creating a user experience for your market segment. Their answer should involve a process and a custom approach for your idea.

5.      MVP Development Abilities

Not all native apps are launched with complete bells and whistles. Most smart business people understand the need to upgrade quickly to user demands and roll out a functional minimum viable product. Then they analyze user responses and make changes accordingly. This is both cost-effective and highly practical, which is why this is one of the most common approaches to developing an application. So, make sure the team you hire has relevant experience in creating and upgrading MVPs.

6.      Ownership Rights and NDA

Choose a company that clearly allows you to have full rights to the project and is willing to sign a non-disclosure agreement.

7.      Portfolio

A company’s portfolio will give you a clear snapshot of the quality of work you can expect to receive from them. So, make sure you always check the list of their accomplishments before diving into a commitment.

However, most companies who offer full ownership rights and sign NDAs often avoid posting their complete work due to confidentiality agreements. A good way to counter this lack of visual evidence is to discuss the technicalities of the projects they have worked with. This will clarify if the agency in question houses competent iOS app developers NYC or not.

8.      Reasonable Cost-to-Value Ratio

Many companies will claim to offer you the cheapest rates in the market and may be desperate enough to match the lowest offer you get. If you see an agency like this, it’s best to turn away. You don’t need the most affordable or the most expensive option to make your app a success. You need a team offering the best cost-to-value ratio. Check what you need first. The quality you require is of the utmost importance. And when you have a list of companies who can deliver what you want, then choose the one with the lowest cost.

9.      Open to Discussion

You deserve a team who is willing to listen to your ideas and can intelligently offer their own to support them, not outright dismiss them. And even if what you propose may not be viable, they can break down the reasons and explain the consequences. Get a team who won’t shut you out of your own project.


If you want to hire iOS developers in NYC, you can reach out to the native experts at AppSocio. Call us today!

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