The Oddest Place You Will Find Lab grown Diamonds

The Oddest Place You Will Find Lab grown Diamonds

Lab Grown Diamonds or Lab Created Diamonds?

The term lab grown diamonds (also called lab created diamonds) seem like a mouthful, but it just refers to the process of how these stones created in the lab. If you considering buying a diamond. be sure to know whether you want to buy an earth-mined diamond or one that created in the lab.  there some clear differences between the two! Here some reasons why more and more people choosing lab grown diamonds over mined ones when it comes time to buy an engagement ring.

Why I Choose Lab Grown Diamonds?

If you shopping for a diamond and want to support people, choose lab grown diamonds. A lot of people feel that lab created diamonds are so much cheaper than mined diamonds they must be bad in some way—they not. There plenty of reasons why mining diamonds a bad idea, including environmental degradation, human rights violations and suffering caused by slave labour. Lab grown diamonds offer an ethical alternative that gives back to communities around the world in ways that traditionally mined stones do not. Because they not mined at all! They produced in labs by skilled jewellers and manufacturers who support local communities around them while also taking steps to restore environments harmed by traditional mining practices with charities such as The Pink Legacy Foundation.

The Pros of Lab-Grown Diamonds

Lab-grown diamonds 100% natural and their production process does not involve any harmful chemicals, unlike mined diamonds. Lab-grown diamonds are also usually cheaper than lab-created diamonds. They are created to have very similar physical properties as mined diamonds. The only real difference is that lab-grown diamonds may have different flaws on their surface. As for lab created diamond colours, they can be a lot more saturated than natural ones due to hydrogen burns during their growth period in ultra high-pressure labs. Usually, most people cannot tell whether a diamond is synthetic unless someone shows them what exactly makes it synthetic.

Also, there nothing called conflict-free diamonds when buying synthetic gems at stores. because even though they not mined from earth harming nature while doing so. Thus they do support mining activities which sometimes create problems like the destruction of landscape that hurts local communities from mining companies. when mining groups don’t pay employees fair wages thus resulting in poor quality of life for them. Still, it might not make sense to buy lab grown diamonds if you plan on giving your significant other such a gift but rather go with loose lab-created coloured gemstones (like rubies and sapphires) because these look much better than common low quality CZ gemstones found at jewellery stores near you.

The Cons of Lab-Grown Diamonds

There are a few other trade-offs to lab-grown diamonds. They don’t have much of a history behind them, unlike their mined counterparts. For example, if you buy a mined diamond, you can trace its journey from the Earth all through to completion, but that isn’t as easy with lab-grown diamonds. Another potential downside is lab grown diamonds being less rare; more people can afford them because they aren’t as expensive to create as mined diamonds are. If you want to own something truly unique and valuable, go for a mined diamond instead. Lastly, some people say lab-grown diamonds just don’t feel right when compared to real ones. if you feel strongly about owning an actual precious stone then stick with natural alternatives.

A Conclusion on Lab-Grown vs. Natural

While some consider lab-grown diamonds a substitute for natural diamonds, others argue that their value is overstated. As a result, lab-grown diamonds not  much social significance and may not serve as an heirloom in your family for generations to come. If you considering purchasing a diamond ring for engagement or just as a luxury purchase. then do your research on lab-grown and natural diamonds. You surprised at what you find out about these two options! For more information on how to buy jewellery.

And as my final word

And as my final word, I’d like to point out a few things. First of all, it worth noting that lab grown and synthetic isn’t synonymous. Lab grown diamonds are real diamonds created in a lab under special conditions, while synthetic diamonds are man-made diamond simulants. Secondly, we tend to hear far more about lab grown diamonds than about lab created diamonds; however, since there is such a small distinction between them both.  it seems like more of an unnecessary marketing ploy by merchants trying to drive up sales. And finally – if you are looking for a hand-crafted piece of jewellery instead of something mass-produced. cheaply priced then lab grown may be perfect for you!

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