The future of buying and selling of all smartphones with Quick Mobile

The future of buying and selling of smartphone with Quick Mobile

The Internet is an excellent resource for learning and searching in all categories. Numerous brands have made their name right using the Internet and their services. Offline businesses also take a huge leap in their day-to-day services only due to the help of the Internet. However, as smartphones and electronics are connected to the Internet. We need their help on a regular basis. The domain of mobile repair and sale and purchase of mobile phones has taken a new turn with many companies coming forward. Quick Mobile is just one of those corporations that have been existing in the marketplace. Quick mobile helps its customers to sell old mobile phones and invest in a better one.

The Quick Mobile website was officially launched in the year 2017. With intense hard work and dedication, the products and services provided by Quick Mobile have spread around 16 metropolitan cities like Mumbai, Chennai, Delhi, and many more all across the nation.

The company was founded by Najim Madhani with the help of co-founder Sumsuddin Madhani. This was a challenging call as there are already many other apps and websites on the market such as OLX and eBay. These are open platforms for sellers and buyers to update their listings for devices they look forward to selling or purchasing. However, Quick Mobile is a marketplace that is quite different from these platforms.



Quick mobile sales aim at reaching out to customers with maximum quality and integrity. The distinguishing feature between Quick Mobile and other sites is that Quick Mobile aims to connect the seller and the buyer with direct contact. This is a secure market for both buyer and seller, as they have no intermediaries and trade only through direct contacts. With the Services of additional benefits such as online mobile repair provided by Quick Mobile, the buyer, and the seller can be sure enough that they will come across only genuine deals. Often, open platforms where an individual is allowed to update their advertising.  To reflect that individual can increase the potential for fraud. Quick Mobile registers and goes ahead with only authentic buyers and checked by its website. Users will never come across unknown buyers who have no real intent to trade or deal with their devices.

Quick Mobile serves its customers with a professional team of specialists who are well trained in this specific area. Consequently, only registered vendors and buyers are accepted at Quick Mobile.


Benefits of selling with Quick Mobile

  1. Make a profit off something you no longer want.

You can just make a profit from your old mobile phone this is the easiest way to use it. Just because you don’t need it doesn’t mean you squander it. You can easily sell your old smartphone online or even offline and get another phone in exchange for it or the money you quote for your mobile phone alone.

  1. Environmental Conservation.

You can always do your part in saving the environment as because of a lot of technological developments and industrialization the management has been harmed in most cases. Therefore, by selling your old smartphone, you are doing your share of environmental protection. after you sell your old smartphone you are of course going to make money out of it. Someone will use your old phone means that it will simply not be discarded in the environment, therefore, you reduce e-waste.

  1. Instant money

The best thing is that you immediately make money selling your old smartphone.  Isn’t this the perfect deal getting your hands off your old mobile phone and getting the maximum benefit you can get from it. So you can always sell your old mobile phone and gain profit that is instant money

  1. Saving further Cost

Your old phone could start giving problems or lots of repair visits once it has started to age or something in the mobile has occurred. To avoid other costs on your cell phone, this is the easiest way to dispose of it by selling it immediately. Thus, you can save on other costs and buy a different mobile phone.

  1. Time-saving procedure

All the procedure is done online through the website and you don’t have to travel unnecessarily. Everything is under expert guidance and at your fingertips Thus,  it saves a lot of time for the phone owner/seller.

  1. Helps enhance other devices

This simply means that if for example your phone has become old and some of the parts of it have stopped working. Mobile is working very slowly in a damaged way. Then other parts which are still working can be used to fit in other devices and enhance them.

  1. Easier to get buyers

It has become very easy and efficient to find genuine buyers today through online methods. You can sign up with online portals and websites that help you find buyers or you can just post your advertisement for your old mobile phone on websites through your ID along with its pictures to reach a huge number of buyers.

  1. Security for your investment

Selling your old mobile phone is simply a safety measure for the investment you made. When you purchase your mobile phone only when you sell it. You receive the amount of money it is currently worth in the marketplace. You get the money you used to invest. Of course, the product’s value depreciates over time. But it guarantees a small amount that you could use or want to invest somewhere. Certain points that Quick Mobile maintains with the sales process procedure to create a secure environment for its customers.

  1. Before contacting Quick mobile to sell your device. You must confirm that you are the legal owner of the device or accessory you are attempting to sell.
  2. If the device received is not approved in accordance with Quick Mobile’s policy. We have the right to decline the purchase of the device or to cancel or reduce the proposed amount.
  3. Quick Mobile-only accepts devices Of customers with valid proof of government identity or address.


Repair services  with Quick Mobile

Repair of your phone is completely normal in case of dysfunction or damage to your phone. Simply because it will add a repair visit factor to your phone, it does not mean that you are simply going to avoid the repair visit. Quick mobile repair stands distinct from other numerous services of repair.



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