The Cost of Heart Valve Replacement in India

Heart Valve Replacement

A Heart Valve Replacement Surgery is a medical procedure performed on a patient inflicted with heart valve disease or damage. The method involves the repair or replacement of the damaged valve. It is an expensive process and requires high expertise to be performed successfully. In India, the average valve replacement surgery cost ranges between USD 4000-10000. 

This article will discuss in detail this surgical procedure and the factors behind its high cost.

What is Heart Valve Replacement Surgery?

The heart consists of four valves, and the proper functioning of all four valves is imperative for the smooth blood flow in the body. Damage to any one of the valves can obstruct blood flow and prove to be fatal for the patient.

A Heart Valve Replacement Surgery either repairs the damaged valve or replaces it if the damage is irreparable. The procedure varies from less invasive to open-heart surgery, and the complexity impacts the cost.

What factors affect the cost of a Heart Valve Replacement Surgery?

Several factors may impact the Heart Valve Replacement Surgery cost in India. Some of the factors that affect the total cost to the patient are as follows.

  • Type of Hospital and its status

This factor significantly affects the surgery cost a patient is likely to pay. For example, government hospitals provide subsidized and easily accessible treatments to all. Thus, heart valve replacement surgery cost in a government hospital is comparatively lesser than that in a privatehospital.

However, patients who prefer going to private hospitals should also study its status and reliability. If the hospital is known to provide first-class treatment and services, the cost of surgery will be more.

  • Testing and Diagnostic Procedure

Patients need to undergo several pre-operative tests and physical examinations to qualify for the surgery. The type and number of medical examinations essentially add to the surgery cost.

The pre-operative tests may include blood investigations, scans, and imaging, which are expensive at most hospitals.

  • Operating Surgeon and Staff’s Fee

The fee of the surgeon and staff chosen by the patient to perform the surgery is a major portion of the overall cost of the surgery.  Usually, a surgeon with a high success rate has a high status in the medical fraternity. Therefore, they charge a higher fee for the procedure. It subsequently adds to the cost of heart valve replacement surgery.

  • Type of Medical Procedure used

The cost of heart valve replacement is majorly dependent on the type and complexity of the medical procedure. The least complicated process may cost less than largely invasive and complex surgery. In addition, the risk involved in the procedure due to its complexity also adds to the cost of surgery. The below table depicts the average cost of various types of valve replacement surgery. 

Surgery Cost USD
Heart valve replacement USD 4000
Aortic Valve Replacement USD 6000
Mitral Valve Replacement (MVR) USD 6000
Tricuspid Valve Replacement USD 6200
Double Valve Replacement USD 8500


  • Type of Valve used

Three types of valves, namely, mechanical, bioprosthetic, or a valve from a donor’s heart, may be used for the repair or replacement surgery. The type of valve selected and its quality and availability can make the cost of surgery vary.

  • Recovery and Post-Operational Care

Post-operative care and recovery of the patient involve taking medications and following the doctor’s advice, which is another addition to the overall cost of valve surgery. These medications, prescribed to be taken for the following months, and periodic check-ups are a must for all patients.

Heart Valve Replacement Surgery Cost in India

The treatment and surgery cost of Heart Valve Replacement is relatively cheaper in India than in other countries. This low cost and the high standards of medical treatment thus attract several patients from abroad. An article in Business Standard shares that doctors believe the heart valve replacement surgery cost in India to be nearly 1/10th of the cost in the United States and Britain. 

The treatment in government hospitals in India is even cheaper than in most private hospitals without compromising the quality of care and expertise in the procedure. An average estimate of the heart valve replacement surgery cost in India and other countries is depicted below.

Country Price (USD)
India $4000
US $134,300
Singapore $34,500
Israel $55,700
Spain $27,400
Poland $22,500
Mexico $10,600
Thailand $21,200
Turkey $20,000



Medical development in India has come a long way and is still making progress. The availability of quality medical facilities and expertise invites people from all over the world to get treated in India. Heart valve replacement surgery is one such treatment that has a comparatively lower cost with respect to other countries but provides successful results. Thus, if you suffer from this ailment, consider getting your surgery done in the country itself.

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