The areas of the body that are targeted for an extended the tuck

extended the tuck
extended the tuck

Tummy tucks that extend beyond the stomach’s upper and lower regions and flanks, waist and, sometimes, the uppermost portion of the hip.

Why Should You Get An Extended Tummy Tuck?

Abdominoplasty, also referred to as a tummy-tuck eliminates excess fat and loose skin from the abdominal area. While a traditional abdominal tuck can alter the area below and around the navel, an extended procedure can also alter the shape of your flanks and hips. A tummy tuck that is extended is usually recommended for those who have excess tissue in the entire waist, not only the stomach.

Since this procedure will be more extensive than standard procedure it is possible for patients to see to see a dramatic reduction in their waist size and proportions. However, while this surgery will help lose some weight, people are not advised. To undergo abdominoplasty as the primary method of weight loss. If you are looking to eliminate the bulk of their fatty tissue, liposuction can utilized for an extensive procedure to contour the body.

Recovery Following Extended Tummy Tuck

After your surgery following the surgery, you’ll need to be required to stay for at least a days in hospital recovering before being able to return to your home. Recovery after an extended tummy-tuck is quite similar to recovery following a traditional Tummy tuck.

The healing phase usually has some swelling, bruises and some discomfort. Dr. Gittos prescribes pain medication to treat the adverse reactions that are usually seen in the initial week. The drain tubes are removed in week one following surgery, and for the next week you are advised to avoid taking a shower and are u thinking that do running increase height. The swelling and bruises will gradually diminish by six weeks.

You should avoid any physical exercise that is strenuous for at least 6 weeks in order to avoid making the healing. You can do some moderate exercises, which don’t put pressure on the incisions after the third week, but it is recommended to talk with your surgeon before beginning any type of exercise.

The phase of recovery is the time to complete the extended tummy tuck procedure and is marked by slight discomfort. Bruises and swelling that subsides after six weeks. The drainage tubes will be removed in week one, and, until then. It’s recommended that you get off work and allow a companion to assist you in your daily chores.

Avoid any kind of physical activity that could put pressure on the wound and slow healing of the wound.

Recovery – First Few Days after Extended Tummy Tuck

The first few days of healing are the most crucial.

  • Some degree of discomfort and pain is normal.
  • You will receive the prescription needed to treat the discomfort.
  • At this point your mobility is restricted. So it is suggested that you have an individual from your family. A close partner or a professional assistant assist you with essential tasks during this period. For example, standing up or sitting down, dressing and general movements.
  • For a smooth recovery, you should wear an abdominal binder in order to help protect. The surgical area to reduce swelling and reduce bruises. The binder is usually worn for 4 to 7 weeks.
  • Easy physical activities include;
  • Simple chores for the home
  • For long periods of time, standing
  • Driving and feel why is my heart beating so fast
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