Tests to determine the quality of TMT Steel Bars for construction

TMT steel bars

Best quality TMT bars require both strength and flexibility. According to the IS standard Fe 500d  grade steel reinforcement bars has both flexibility and strength qualities. This type of TMT bar is highly recommended for all types of construction.

In order to ensure the quality of the TMT bar, there are a few specific tests that determine the elongation and strength. TMT bars come in 4 different grades- Fe 415, Fe 500, Fe 550, and Fe 600. These numbers denote the yield strength.

There are certain tests to check the quality of TMT steel bar

To determine the elongation and strength of the grades of steel bar a certain number of tests are carried out to ensure its quality. The tests are:

  • Yield stress test
  • Tensile test
  • Bend and rebend test
  • Chemical analysis test

Yield stress test

There are a few factors like up to which level material can take the stress? And to which point it will begin to bend plastically?

The behaviour of this material can be determined by the yield stress test 0.2% proof stress. The material will deform elastically until the matter reaches the yield point as well as goes back to its original form when stress is removed. The material behaviour can be broadly divided into two sections- ductile and brittle.

Tensile test

Universal Testing Machine (UTM) is employed to calculate the strength of reinforcement bars. As per IS 1786, the 32mm capacity of TMT bars can be examined without a machine. The machine is required for testing a capacity above 32mm.

Bend and rebend test

Due to the wrong handling of the material, TMT steel bars are getting deformed in many cases. Incorrect bending can severely affect the reinforcement in services. So one must be careful about bending and re-bending the TMT bars at construction sites. There are various scenarios where we can find TMT bars are getting bent. It mostly occurs due to the wrong material used.

Things to be noted while bending

  • Bending should be done slowly and gradually. During the performance, it needs not to be vibrated
  • For different bar sizes, minimum bend diameters have been established
  • The use of a hammer for bending the pipe is strictly prohibited
  • Muf and dirt should not be on the surface of the TMT bars
  • During quenching tensile strength and better elongation come along with it.

Chemical analysis test

Chemical analysis testing is done in a spectrometer. It takes about 10-15 seconds to give results in the printed form of a maximum of 26 elements in the TMT. The spectrum mainly shows the result of the percentage of sulphur, carbon and phosphorous which are important according to BIS. In the case of micro-alloyed grade TMT, percentages of manganese, chromium and copper are also given by the spectrometer.

Now you know all the necessary factors to determine the quality of the TMT steel bar for construction. Choose Kairali TMT, one of the best TMT bars in Kerala for the construction of houses and buildings. We serve you the best quality steel bars all over South India.


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