Standard Maths Vs Basic Maths: Which One Is Better For You?

Standard maths Vs Basic maths_ Which one is Better for You_

Confused between choosing standard maths and basic maths in class 10? Which one is better? Read the entire blog to clear your doubts. 

In 2020, the Central Board of Secondary Education(CBSE) announced the changes in the examination levels of maths subjects for the class 10 board. The reason behind launching the bifurcation of the level of the examination was to reduce the burden on the students who don’t want to pursue maths after class 10. Check the latest CBSE Syllabus for Class 10 Mathematics.

The board introduced the two levels of mathematics examination structure, Basic maths, and standard math, which would help students choose streams accordingly. 

However, these changes occurred in 2020, but still, it is creating chaos among students. Most students have shared their bad experiences on how one wrong decision(Standard maths & Basic maths) led them to choose the wrong stream. 

In this blog, we will differentiate standard and basic maths and how you can choose the best one. Also, we have noted down the frequently asked questions(faqs) listed by the  NCERT

What is Basic Maths & Standard Maths?

As we mentioned earlier, the two examination level was introduced to reduce the burden of students who hate math. Basic maths is for students who hate maths and want to pursue further education in non-math streams. The basic maths level is much easier than the standard maths. Standard math is for philomaths or ones who choose the science stream. It is mandatory for students to choose standard math if they go after the science stream. Both examinations are held at the same time.

Often students predict the level of the examination on the basis of the word “standard.” They start guessing that advanced-level of questions so they start searching high-level books and at the end of the end up the low score on the examination. 

Students who choose standard math must solve RD Sharma class 10 to gain excellent marks in the board examination. 

So what to study? Which books refer to scoring excellent marks in the examination? Do you need other advanced books to ace maths subject? 

Let’s see what subject experts suggest. 

According to the expert faculty of Physics Wallah, Students should not worry about the difficulty level of the examination. The syllabus and reference books are the same, only one thing, the level is distributed according to the intelligence level of the student. 

Learn the complex chapters in the class 10 board with the highly qualified faculty at Physics wallah live class 10. Students who don’t want to pursue maths in classes 11, 12, and graduation don’t need detailed practice for the examination. On the other hand, students, who want to make a career in the science stream must push themselves beyond the limit of intelligent level to score excellent marks in the examination.  

Difference Between Standard Maths and Basic Maths Class 10

Standard Math Basic Math
  • Standard maths is for students who will follow up the science stream in classes 11, 12, and graduation.
  • The standard math difficulty level is high in comparison to the basic level.
  • Basic maths is for students who don’t want to pursue a science stream in classes 11, 12, and graduation.
  • The level of basic maths is quite easy.

Advantages of Basic Maths for Class 10 

  • It will reduce the stress of the students who will choose non-science streams.
  • It strengthens the brain of the students.
  • Basic maths is easier to solve.

Disadvantages of Basic Maths for Class 10 

  • One of the biggest disadvantages of choosing basic maths is if you reconsider opting science stream in further classes 11, 12, and in graduation, you can’t do it. Also, read ICSE class 10 math solution.

Advantages of Standard Maths for Class 10

  • You can follow the science stream by choosing standard maths in class 10.
  • If you choose standard maths, you will get immense opportunities in the future.

Disadvantages of Standard Maths for Class 10

  • The questions asked in standard maths examinations will be high-level. 
  • Those who hate quant will face difficulty if they choose standard maths. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. What are basic maths and standard maths in class 10?

Ans- Basic maths in class 10 is for students with a low quant ability or who want to pursue non-science streams like commerce, arts, home science, etc. and standard maths is for those who pursue science stream. It basically assesses the higher mathematical ability compared to basic level maths. 

Q2. Which is the best to opt for in 10th standard, maths or basic maths?

Ans- It all depends on the student’s subject interest. Opting for basic math or standard wisely is necessary because what you choose in the future depends on it.

Q3. Can a student opt for both Standard Level and Basic Level Exams?

Ans- No, there is only one option for students. They can either choose basic maths or standard maths on the class 10 board.    

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