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Smartphones- A bane or a boon for academics? Know from Experts

A student using a Smartphone

As the fierce race of competition heats up in the modern world, students are tested to see how quickly they can become involved. The masters of cheap assignment help UK have revealed that with affecting the routine life of people, technology also affects the academics of students. Modernisation has its impact on everyone, from a kid to a teen, from schools to universities. Concerning the recent studies of online assignment help experts, mobile phones are the greatest invention of technology. Smartphones first appeared on the scene to modernise communication methods. However, the current scenarios are different. Apart from easing out the communication part, there is nothing a machine like a mobile phone can not do.

The hands of the clock kept moving and changing the world with time. Evolution appeared to become a part to ease people’s living. No doubt, the invention came up with advantages and has helped people evolve. However, everything possesses a dual nature-good and bad. Every sort of change or invention comes with a bane or a boon, in other words, a blessing or a curse. So it is with smartphones.

Evolution of Mobile Phones

The studies of cheap assignment help UK masters have conducted extensive research on this subject. These experts analyse every piece of data and come up with the most accurate information to serve. Their mastery has revealed that the usage of mobile phones is growing at a healthy speed. People with smartphones are just a touch away from accessing everything possible. The world would be unimaginable without the use of technology in everyday life, particularly smartphones. From a 6-year-old kid to a 60-year-old elderly person, who is seen without a smartphone? Besides offering a broad view of an entirely different world, the change has affected students as well.

This write-up will focus on the change brought by the invention of smartphones in the academic life of students. The experts at online assignments help mention that it’s crucial to conclude whether smartphones are a bane or a boon for students. Before proceeding with the part, let’s have a look at some facts related to the usage of technology by scholars.


Cold Hard Facts about the Usage of Mobile Phones by Students:

Smartphones are part of 56% of 8-12 years kids

21% of children aged 8 or below use a smartphone regularly

51% of high school students carry their phones with them in class

The average amount of screen time students spend on electronic devices is 4 hours a day

The above-mentioned are some statistics researched by experts from cheap assignment help UK. This data is not enough to reveal the truth about the usage of mobile phones. Below mentioned are the positive and negative effects of smartphones on students.

Mobile Phones – Boon or a Bane?

The experts of Cheap Assignment Help UK have revealed that mobile phones can be a blessing or a curse to students. You can read its positive and negative impacts below.

Smartphones – A Calamity

Risk of Eye Damage

The screens of mobile phones emit a blue light that affects the eyes of students. Looking at the screen for a long time can dull the mind as well. It affects the brain’s health, leading to a constant problem of headaches.

Affects Physical Health

With the invention of smartphones, students have got access to online gaming. Scholars are more engaged in playing the games on a screen which affects their physical health, making them couch potatoes.


Everything is bad when it is addictive. Using smartphones excessively makes students cling to them, which hampers their academic performance.

Unwanted Content

Certain social media platforms may sometimes lead students to undesirable content online. Getting exposed to unwanted stuff at a young age affects the personalities of students.

Undoubtedly, everything is better when it is in modern ways. The things mentioned above are the faces that can impact students and their academic lives. However, according to the statements of experts from cheap assignment help UK, there are several uncanny ways students can benefit from the invention of mobile phones. Most students have increased their productivity since the invention of technology.

Smartphones – A Blessing


Academically, students are benefited from technology. Any knowledge on any topic is available at the touch of a finger.

Easy to Access

Every possible thing is easily accessible anytime and anywhere from a mobile phone. Students can connect to their mentors and guides in seconds.

Improved Vocabulary

The experts of Cheap Assignment Help UK have seen smartphones enhance the English vocabulary of students. It is because the majority of the language used online is English.

Exposure to Different Fields

Scholars these days are widely using social media applications where they connect to new people and their stories. It makes them explore different things that help increase their knowledge sphere.

Interactive Learning

Students experience monotonousness while burying their heads in textbooks. Smartphones ease this situation by providing interactive learning through videos and graphics. It makes students learn quicker and more effectively.

Aforesaid are the merits of mobile phones as given by cheap assignment help UK experts. The limit does not end here. Besides these, there are many other ways scholars get benefitted from the advancement of technology. You will see below one more great invention of technology that has eased students’ academic lives on a grand note.

Assignment Helpers – One More Greatest Advancement of Technology

Another invention of technology that has made students go over the moon is academic assistance. The online assignment help professionals mention that the evolution of technology has made academic paper helpers come to the surface. The internet is flooded with these services. These are the online platforms that assist students with their mind-numbing university projects. They are expert writers with unrivalled writing, researching, and presenting skills that enable students to achieve their academic goals.

The assignments are the most tedious and monotonous part of academic life. So, to ease such situations, scholars opt to take online assignment help from experts. These services are also affordable and easy to access. Moreover, these sites are just a finger’s touch away from making the dreams come true.

Furthermore, the experts of such services are experience holders, which makes them draft every piece of writing flawlessly. Also, they are subject matter experts, holding expertise in particular subjects. They acquire the skills that make them reliable and trustworthy to depend.

Furthermore, the professionals cheap assignment help UK says, such platforms believe in delivering apt content within a period. They complete the task within the specified time frame without sacrificing work quality. Students are now just seconds away from availing these services and getting the work done on their desks.

To conclude, aforesaid are the merits of technology and smartphones. Besides the negative impacts, mobile phones are the most useful part for students. Keeping in mind the changing colours of technology, smartphones have played a wise role in the evolution of the world.

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