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Simple DIY wall Painting Design Ideas for your home

Design Ideas

Do you want to give your home a new and refreshing look by repainting it but are unable to decide whether it is worth the hassle or not? The internet is flooded with ideas ranging from the chicest-looking luxury stencils to sticking corn on a roller frame. But honestly, not all of them are DIY-able! Good DIY wall painting design ideas are quite difficult to find, but your search ends here! Our experts have discovered some of the best as well as the simplest design processes that give you incredible results.

Whether it’s an elegant resting place for your bed’s hand-picked headboard, your Zoom call background, or a creative background for your Instagram posts, the DIY interior wall painting solutions presented here are perfect for you. And the best thing is that they are economical as well.

  • Geometric lines makeover project

The most common types of images on googling ‘Wall Paint Design Ideas’ are geometric patterns. Along with offering a sharp gorgeous appeal to your room, these patterns are a fairly easy DIY project as well. To execute this design perfectly, you really need to wait for each color to dry before you tape it up for the next paint color. A lot of creativity can be displayed while you are working with geometrical shapes. Each pattern looks extraordinary and is perfect for your bedroom walls especially. However, if you want to do something out of the box, then don’t hesitate to try it on the ceilings of your home as well. It will all be worth it for sure!

  • Mask-up your walls

Speaking of DIY interior wall painting solutions, masking up your walls can be an interesting thing to do. Along with obtaining clean straight lines and painting perfect corners, a masking tape can do so much more. For creating an ideal personalized color scheme for your home, some paint and masking tape can work wonders. It is counted among the best DIY wall painting designs.

Want to know an innovative way to hang your pictures on the wall? Paint clean-cut blocks using masking tape and place your photos there. For your bedroom, just paint a headboard block in your favorite shade and get your own masterpiece. Out of interesting ideas for your living room? Just create a geometric design of your choice and be ready to surprise yourself with your masked-up wall.

  • Use solid color shades for a rainbow house

For this DIY wall design, you will need a thinner paint mix. For the perfect paint consistency, mix two parts of paint with one part of water. Wall edges should be taped off and the floor should be covered with plastic. Squirt some paint down your wall using a syringe. Before going in with a different hue, let one shade dry if you are using a different tone of the same color. For deciding on color combinations, don’t forget to use a color wheel. Keep dripping until you have achieved the results you are expecting. When the paint has dried, remove the tape. After that, the wall is all yours to style!

For excellent interior wall painting solutions, trust none other than the best- British Paints. Paints play an important role in enhancing the beauty of your home and selecting the right shade is essential to get the best results. Only then you will get exactly what you are looking for. British Paints are there for you to help you with this. Its experts will suggest you the perfect colors that personify your home. Just let them know your preferences.

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