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Romantic Places In Morocco for honeymoon vacation

Morocco honeymoon vacation
Romantic Places In Morocco for honeymoon vacation

The honeymoon vacation must be romantic. A trip may not be the first one with your partner, but a Morocco honeymoon is exceptional as it is the first journey as a couple eloping into the marriage. However most people might have different ideas, but it must be romantic, relaxing, indulging, and exploring.

A honeymoon is about doing things together. It is simple tasks like relaxing, reading books, sunbathing, or more active as exploring old sights, hiking, cooking lessons, and more.

On your Morocco honeymoon vacation, enjoy the stay in luxurious and authentic riads with superb accommodations. Therefore, hotel Mamounia is a world-known hotel that several people talk about. Moreover, the luxury of this morocco hotel, its food, and its gardens will leave you in wonder. In addition, the traditional riads provide tranquility and many hidden nooks where the couple can enjoy each other company, exotic decoration, and peace of it all.

On your honeymoon to Morocco, there are plenty of activities and places to explore. Tour experts recommend a trip to the Morocco Sahara Desert. Lose yourself in the romance on dreamy nights under the stars in the Sahara desert. Another possibility is a Morocco tour to the Atlas Mountains, where you can sip mint tea on the terrace of Kasbah Tamadot with a view of the Atlas Mountains.

The following are some most romantic and tranquil locations in Morocco that you must indeed explore on your honeymoon:


A view of the Morrocan seaside and beach at Asilah

For a perfect romantic honeymoon vacation, beaches have always been a favorite among couples. Moreover, the seaside Asilah on the North Atlantic coast has established itself as a hot summer spot. Its art gallery and city walls are just as famous, with colorful murals.


The couple loves posing in the blue town of Chefchaouen in Morocco.

The blue city of Chefchaouen is available among the Rif Mountains. Its blue and white painted houses present a romantic scenery complementing the one in the background of the hills. Moreover, the fascinating waterfall of Ras El Maa adds to the city’s romantic appeal. Several imperial other towns in Morocco house historical and religious places and are just as romantic.

Other cities to visit in Morocco: Meknes, Fez, Rabat, Casablanca, and Marrakech are some best places to visit in Morocco. Moreover, these are well-known for their historical locations, religious sites, and other tourist attractions.

High Atlas

A husband and wife love sitting in the mountains of Toubkal in the High Atlas mountain area during their honeymoon vacation in Morocco. The beauty of Morocco lies in its unique tourist places and the varied topography that changes from beaches to Africa’s highest mountain range.

Moreover, the hills of Atlas that run diagonally across Morocco are excellent for trekking. Couples must take advantage of perspectives, ski resorts, and colorful valleys in their Morocco honeymoon package.

The Sahara Desert

The Sahara Desert is romantic, and the clear skies guarantee a great star-gazing experience. Moreover, couples can camp in Berber tents on their Morocco honeymoon. Also, the views of sunrise and sunset in the desert are superb.

The great Sahara desert that runs along the southern boundaries of the country is yet another topographical variation. The desert offers everything from camping to camel riding and star-looking sunset views. However, the best way to experience romance in the Sahara desert is by opting for a night camping. 

Also, the desert camps are just some of the romantic morocco accommodation options in the country for honeymooners. There are many romantic resorts and riads as well.


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