Recommended Apps For You To Travel in China

Recommended Apps For You To Travel in China

Recommended Apps For You To Travel in China

Nowadays, nearly everyone has smartphones or tablets There is an increasing number of “apps” to keep connected with friends, enjoy improving your knowledge, and help users in virtually every circumstance. China is poised to cross that threshold to become a cashless nation. Although cash is still a factor, however, a lot of Chinese are not using the paper bill or use credit cards, or debit cards in their daily lives.

More and more, transactions that are financial that are taking place in these days Chinese economy are being conducted via payment apps for smartphones. In China you can place orders for your meals or hail taxis, purchase tickets of all kinds and even unlock your door via apps. But, we have listed some apps that are specifically useful when you travel to China. We suggest that you check the apps, install them free, and become familiar with them prior to arriving in China. Chinese names can be generated using the Chinese name generator.

The Most Versatile Apps in China

1. WeChat

WeChat also called “Weixin” to Chinese is a social network that functions as Facebook, LinkedIn, Uber, Instagram, and several other applications all in one. For a lot of Chinese users, WeChat is an indispensable application for connecting to the world. It is China’s top messaging app that has users who are monthly greater than 1.2 billion users. 

The app was first introduced as a messaging platform in the year 2011 in the hands of Chinese technological firm Tencent, WeChat has evolved into a platform for lifestyle users from China. It now offers much beyond messaging and lets users perform everything from payments to booking hotels and flights. One of the most important features it offers is known as “mini-programs” which are applications that are part of WeChat. One instance of the program is the health code that was built into the app in the early stages of the pandemic covid-19; over 800 million users have used the health code as of 2020.

To make use of WeChat for the first time, you must sign up for a WeChat login first. All you need to do is ensure you have a functioning mobile number or an existing Facebook account as well as a friend that is already using the platform. Click here to learn more.

2. Alipay

Alipay is the main payment application in China and is used to purchase products and services, make a transfer directly, for paying off bills, and for many other purposes. It is directly connected with the customer’s Chinese bank account for transactions and payments. In the year prior to 2019, you’ll need a Chinese bank account to can make use of Alipay to pay. The great news for travelers to China is that, as of November, you can join and receive an initial 90-day trial of Alipay. Three steps are required:

  • Step 1: Install the Alipay application onto your phone through the app store, and register to create an account. It’s cost-free to register for an account through Alipay. After that, you can register and keep your credit and debit card information within your account, and start making payments via mobile.
  • Step 2: Confirm your identity, phone number, as well as bank information.
  • Step 3: Download the app and purchase prepaid cards with your debit or credit card.

You can top it up with a minimum of 100 yuan, and up to 2500 yuan at any moment. It is possible to top it up again when you need to.

Similar to WeChat Many mini-programs are integrated into Alipay. It’s been reported that Alipay was home to over 160,000 mini-programs in 2019, and they’re still counting.

  • The apps that tackle Language Barriers

1. Pleco

The most impressive application for language learning and translation uses the latest technology. It’s marketed as “the ultimate Chinese learning tool” and comes with a free dictionary of 130,000 Chinese words, and access to a variety of additional free dictionaries as well as paid alternatives.

The app is free for two platforms: iOS (for iPhones, download through iTunes) as well as Android (download via Google Play). Once you’ve downloaded the app If you are impressed by its utility there are additional options that you could choose to buy in the future. (Remember the fact that Google is not available in China which means that you’ll be required to download it before you leave.)

Improve your language skills

If you’re keen to improve your language skills or simply want to be able to speak the language traveling This application is one that you must have. It will be able to search for terms using English, Chinese, and pinyin as well as cross-referencing these or through handwriting, sound, or even pictures. And it also allows for the various variants in Chinese (traditional or simplified Chinese characters like Mandarin, Cantonese, pinyin as well as Zhuyin). In addition, it also allows you to convey your requirements or thoughts to your brand new Chinese friends as well as be able to better understand what they try to convey to you.

Be sure to download the application and then practice using it, and you may even you will learn some Chinese words and phrases prior to when you leave for. To begin you can study how to greet people and say thank you and inquire about prices. You should also identify that Chinese character for entry and ‘exit male’ female (toilet) and the numbers, and names of cities you’ll be visiting.

2. Google Translate

As one of the most effective translators available and around, Google Translate is among the top language translation apps available. Google Translate app offers a variety of helpful features and is accessible for Android or iOS. The application gives users tools for translating between languages. They also have an image option. Users can snap a photo of a sign or piece of paper, or any other type of written text, and receive a translation of the language they want to use.

  • Apps to Allow You to Move Around China

1. MetroMan

It is recommended to use the Metro (underground subway) system in at the very least the city of China and the entire system is likely to be more complicated than what you’ve seen in other cities around the world.

MetroMan is described as “China’s most effective metro application” and it is suggested that you download it prior to your trip. It is completely up-to-date and contains precise metro maps of 27 cities across China (as other cities across the world) as well as detailed details that include a trip planner and details about travel times, routes, and fares.

It is available for download free on the iPhone and iPad (from iTunes) as also for Android tablets and phones (from Google Play). Be sure to download it before you leave for the destination, and you’ll be able to use it offline, with no internet connection, no matter where you travel.

2. Google Maps

You may already have this multi-faceted and useful application on your tablet or phone (and it’s true that it’s available for both iOS and Android) If you don’t have the app, you need to get it. They are usually the most accurate and current. The issue is that Google isn’t accessible in China and therefore you won’t be able to access online maps during your stay. 

It is easy to download any Google maps that you want to be offline for a period of 29 days, so long as you have enough storage in your gadget. After you have planned your trip and you are ready to leave home, check out the locations that are relevant to you within Google Maps, and download the maps. (If your space is sufficient, you could include the entirety of the areas of China.)

3. Didi-Rider

Didi can be described as one of the Chinese variants of Uber. Didi isn’t the only option available out there however it is the most popular and also comes with a user-friendly version that’s available in English.

If you’ve previously utilized Uber, Didi won’t be difficult for you. You’ll need to input your pickup location, which is where GPS displays your location. Then, enter the destination of your choice, with the address using English as well as Chinese symbols, and select your ride type. The most sought-after kind that is offered by Express. When it’s Express it means a ride with a private driver in which you’re the sole passenger and there are no intermediary stops prior to your destination.

  • Apps to Allow You to Book Tickets and tours in China

1. Railway

It was designed by the China Railway Customer Service Center. It is the sole official app you can use to purchase China railway tickets. This app shares information (including the details of the customers, bookings, as well as tickets’ availability) together with the ticket reservation site 12306.cn which allows users to book reservations and pay for tickets, alter tickets and refund tickets and track purchases, handle contacts and alter passwords within one application.

2. Trip.com

Trip.com is a one-stop travel website that allows you to get everything you require for amazing trips to China. It is operated by Ctrip.com International, Ltd. (Ctrip) which is a travel services supplier of hotel accommodation as well as airline tickets and tours packaged in China.

  • VPN

Google and Facebook as well as other websites and apps that are popular in western countries are not available in China. To access these websites or apps it is necessary to use a VPN (also known as a Virtual Private Network. In simple terms, it is the VPN that connects your laptop or smartphone to a computer (called the server) that is connected to the internet. It also lets you browse the internet through the internet connection of that computer. We recommend checking out these VPNs prior to your trip to China.

1. ExpressVPN

This VPN server offers the most effective combination of user-friendliness, quick servers, and support for stream media streaming and torrenting at an affordable cost.

2. Protonvpn.com (free version available)

ProtonVPN is a VPN service provided through the Swiss business Proton Technologies AG, the firm behind ProtonMail, the email service. ProtonMail. As per their website, they offer an unpaid version of ProtonVPN for the general public. As opposed to other VPNs for free there aren’t any catches. They do not serve advertisements or offer information about your online browsing habits.

3. Hide. me (free version available)

Hide. me VPN has been rated as the fastest VPN, offering unbeatable privacy and security features. It does not keep records and is committed to putting security and safety at top of the list. You are able for connecting 10 gadgets simultaneously.


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