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ow Admission Management Software Help Managing Admissions Online?

Switching to online mode of admission has been a time saver for all educational institutes. And this management is made easier by having an Admission Management Software.

But do you know how does Admission Management Software help managing admissions online?

This blog will give you informative learning about admission management software and how does it manage admission procedures online.

 This blog contains :

  • What is an online admission software?
  • Need of an online admission software?
  • How does an online admission software helps managing admissions online?
  • Benefits of an online admission software?
  • MasterSoft ERP Admission Management Software.
  • Conclusion.

What is an online admission system?

We have been exposed to manual admission process where the institutes set up multiple counters in the campus for the admission enrolment and procedures creating havoc and confusion. The institutes through online admission made the process easier by adapting admission management software which conducts college admission online. This is a system which avoids cumbersome manual admission cycle and collects all documents , data , information of the applicants online. The automated application portal in the software makes the enrollment process convinient and smooth. Thr system helps the student apply online , check the application status online and submit all document and fees online.

Why do you need an Admission Management Software?

The manual admission process consumes time and effort. Also applying online without the management software evokes risk. Therefore to avoid these unnecessary issues , Admission Management Software helps managing admissions online smoothly.

The challenges faced are

  • Low inquiry comparing to admission ratio
  • No system to capture applicants drop off rate.
  • Hassle and confusion
  • Time and effort consuming.

Thus to set aside these challenges , an admission management software is must for the online admission process.

How does an Admission Management Software helps Managing Admissions Online?


  • Track Students Admission Status :

When the students apply for the college admission , the software unlike manual admission , helps them track their status whenever and wherever they want to. Simple online admission without the software may lose track of their information and status and reduce resolutions. But the Admission Management Software increases the resolution rate and even if the students drop off for any reason , the software to resume the application anytime.

The software also helps the councillors to track the application status throughout. Drop-offs , emails , pending and solves queries etc , all of it are stored in the software.

  • Students Portal :

The Admission Management Software has students portal where they can fill admission form at their convenience. The portal make the online admission quick and organised as it has sections of course selection , payment gateway , scheduled exam details , syllabus , virtual campus tour and many more. These portals make college admissions easier.

  • Easy Payment :

The Admission Management Software makes the entire payment procedure effortlessly easy. The students make fast and secure payment by using payment mode of their choice. Payment reminders are set up along with pending payment notifications.

  • Secured Management and Storage System:

The manual mode of admission collects all documents and sensitive information of the students in paper form. After the admission enrolment is done , the administration collects all documents which takes lot of time and effort.

An Admission Management Software helps this online admission process easier by storing these data in an online platform. All documents of the applicants are automatically stored the access to it lies in authorised individuals.

The admission management software also helps managing online admissions with the three tier access.

1) Administrator : The administrator holds certain features for an easy online admission such as open admission , merit list generation , verification of the students document and then closing the admission. All these features instilled in the software makes the college admission convenient.

2) Applicant : The online admission management software simplifies the hassles of a student’s journey of admission  through online registration , log in portals , uploading scanned documents , online fee payments and confirmed notification of admissions.

3) System : The system helps to eliminate the long paper work in manual admission process. The Admission Management Software offers SMS and Email as an online notification for the applicants.

Benefits of  Admission Management Software?

  • Less Manual Interference.
  • Less paperwork and hassle free procedure.
  • Automated selection of eligible candidates.
  • Enhance students and counsellor experience and productivity.
  • Real time and quick reports.

What is MasterSoft ERP Admission Management Software?

Which consists Cloud-based Technology and Mobile Application Integration.

  • MasterSoft online admission software ensures smooth payment gateway for students and parents with 100% security.
  • All the ERP systems offered by MasterSoft be it University Admission Management System , College or School Admission Software are inbuilt with BI-powered analytics tools which  generates real-time smart reports.
  • MasterSoft ERP has the ability to set up different criteria and generate selection of merit list with just one click!


To Conclude :

Admission Management Software focuses on simplifying the admission enrolment and procedures through integrated ERP system.

It is a highly secured cloud based software which is compatible with web and mobile, and can be accessed anytime and from anywhere!

MasterSoft ERP solution provides best admission system solutions. Stay connected with MasterSoft for learning and developing in educational series!

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