Nine Local PPC Ad Techniques

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Those are the essential components of a local PPC strategy:



Local advertisement text Location extensions

What is Local PPC?

Local PPC is the digital advertising approach to use if you provide services to a specific set of areas, or even more specifically, to certain postcodes. For instance, if you provide rubbish collection services in Leeds, you should target people who live in LS postcodes and use keywords that are connected to waste collection and contain LS postcodes.

Targeting keywords, whether worldwide or domestically, may be an expensive strategy and a difficult market to compete in. “Google Ads Service Provider”  have an advantage over other, more established businesses because of your close connection to a local market. This blog includes advice on how to be successful with local PPC.

Find profitable goods and services

Determine which of your company’s products or services are the most profitable and those that bring in the most money first. If you don’t have enough money to advertise every one of your products, concentrate on those with the best chances of yielding a fruitful PPC campaign.

Consider campaign results.

Investigate your campaign analytics if you are already running PPC advertising to see which keywords are giving you the most impressions. Cross-referencing these keywords with your product or service offering is the next step.

Make specific ad groups for them if you find matches of high impressions for keywords that are also your profitable items or services but that have a poor Click Through Rate (CTR). As a result, you will be able to write more precisely tailored ad text for these keywords. Hopefully, this will increase your CTR.

Organize campaigns

Create city-focused keywords in your PPC campaigns’ ad groups and ad content to organize them. A greater Quality Score, CTR, and conversion rate may result from this. Having precise control over your campaigns is your aim.

Because of variations in population, search volume, and level of competition, no two markets are exactly alike. “Google Ads Service Provider” set location-specific objectives. You will be able to carefully track your PPC expenses if your campaign is well-structured.


Competitor analysis

Learn what local PPC tactics your rivals are employing. Use tools like SEMrush, SpyFU, Keyword Spy, and KeywordCompetitor for competitor research. View the ads of your competitors as well to see what structure, terminology, keywords, and ad extensions they are using. By checking out their adverts in the Google Search results, all of these queries can be swiftly resolved.

Keyword selection

Target long-tail keywords because they will bring in a more relevant audience and have a lower cost per click.


Set up tracking so you can gauge the effectiveness and impact of your advertising. There are certain fundamental features on Google Analytics. Utilizing the conversion tracking feature provided by Google Ads is an additional choice. A small piece of code needs to be added to a particular section of your website to do this.

Google Analytics and Google Ads may provide distinct conversion reporting, and each has advantages and disadvantages. If you’re interested in learning more about the distinctions between Google Analytics and Ads conversions, check out our prior post on the subject. You can further optimize your keyword bids by monitoring the results of your campaigns and keywords.

Optimize ad wording and landing pages.

For better ad wording, try A/B testing. Put a postcode in the copy of the advertisement and show the URL. If the numbers relate to your customer, they will draw attention.

Similar to how you may improve ad language, make sure the landing pages for your advertising are clear, compelling, and informative. Use photographs of your local team or customers on your landing pages, highlight local achievements, and highlight any local expertise that supports the regional focus of your advertising to localize them.


If you simply want to draw clients from the area around Sheffield, for example, you may use the advanced location option to choose a 30-mile radius around it. As an alternative, you can add places in bulk, in which case you’ll add the towns or cities you want to target.

You may see the possible population in or interested in a particular location once you type in your desired location. You can also add close locations and eliminate distant ones.

Targeting specific places or excluding certain ones

Extensions of location

By inserting the location name in the link text, you can create local call outs and site links. The address and phone number from your Google My Business listing are used by location extensions.

You might gain from employing local advertisements if you want to attract more customers, receive more calls, and give them access to additional details about your company, such opening times and reviews.

Success in local PPC advertising is considerably different from success in PPC advertising with a big budget. Our experience managing regional PPC campaigns is extensive. Get in contact with us here to learn more or to ask for a free PPC account audit to determine how we can increase your PPC sales.

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