New Year’s Spa Tips: Dermaplaning Kit, New Services, and More

Are you ready to crush your spa business goals? It’s time to plan for an exciting and successful year ahead. Everyone loves a fresh start, including you and your clients. Whether leveling up your spa menu, adding new professional tools like a dermaplaning kit, or sprucing up your workspace, there are plenty of ways to gear up for the new year. Let the ideas start flowing with the following tips.

Look How Far You’ve Come, and Keep Looking Ahead

As you reflect on the past year, it’s a good idea to write down what you accomplished and where you’d like to improve. Look at the feedback you’ve received online and from clients in person. Do you see any common threads? Did you run promotions that you’re particularly proud of? Do you want to keep boosting your retail skincare sales? Lay out your plan in writing, so you always have your goals in front of you.

Do a Thorough Deep Clean and Analyze Your Inventory

After the holiday rush settles, hopefully, you’ll have some downtime. Seize the opportunity to sanitize and clean the entire spa for a sparkling new start. Refresh linens, replace old or broken equipment, or add new spa equipment to make giving services easier. Make sure your steamers and lamps are working properly. Do a safety check on massage and facial beds, stools, carts, and trays. You want your clients to feel comfortable and ensure their safety. It’s a good time to reorganize and move furniture around, too.

Upgrade Spa Treatment Accessories: Dermaplaning Kit, Microneedle Roller, Facial Ice Roller

In addition to spa equipment, you likely need a variety of quality accessories for the treatments you offer. For example, if you offer dermaplaning, you should refresh your equipment. A professional dermaplaning kit with a blade handle, blades, and skincare products is a must-have for professional estheticians. A cold facial roller is another accessory perfect for every esthetic room. Using it after skincare treatments helps minimize discomfort and redness. A microneedle roller is a great product for result-producing treatments on all skin types.

Spruce Up Your Spa Menu

If you’re staying up with the latest trends, you may need to revise your current offerings. You want to offer new treatments that sound exciting for new and old clients. At the same time, tried-and-true chemical peels and dermaplaning treatments aren’t going anywhere, so keep them on the menu. Check out the latest offerings from award-winning, well-respected spas, and med clinics to see what they offer and how your business compares.

Add a New Skincare Line

While you’re taking inventory of everything else in your spa, now is a good time to also evaluate your current skincare product offerings. Some of the best brands offer professional-use-only products for your clients’ treatments. The same brands also offer consumer retail lines made with cosmeceuticals. Face and body products with corrective ingredients for different skin types sell really well. You can take it a step further by personalizing and enhancing someone’s skincare regimen with specific recommendations. For example, glycolic acid products, such as enhancing glycolic body wash or glycolic face serum, are beneficial for most skin types. See where you can expand your retail offerings to help drive new sales while giving your clients the results they deserve.

About Institut’ DERMed®

Founder and master aesthetician Lyn Ross launched the award-winning Institut’ DERMed® Spa in Atlanta, Georgia in 1989, with the Institut’ DERMed Clinical Skincare line following several years later. To date, Institut’ DERMed has continued to provide the latest non-surgical aesthetic treatments and technologies. Using only the finest natural ingredients and active cosmeceuticals, the brand’s skincare line is designed for anyone who wants to look and feel good about their skin. Whether you have sensitive or acne-prone skin, Institut’ DERMed specializes in personalized treatment plans and products, with additional options for skin brightening and skin aging management. To train a new generation of licensed skincare professionals, Ross founded the esteemed Institut’ DERMed College of Advanced Aesthetics, offering professional dermaplaning classes for those interested in a new and exciting career.

Give your spa a well-deserved facelift in the new year with Institut’ DERMed at https://www.idermed.com/

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