Most Popular Method to Fight Soil Erosion

erosion control grass seed
erosion control grass seed

Erosion can be a real nuisance to landscapers. There’s nothing more frustrating than seeing your hard work crumble away due to environmental factors that are outside of your control. But on the bright side, there are various methods to guard your landscape against eroding. One of the most effective methods is using erosion control grass seed, known as hydroseeding.

What is Hydroseeding?

Hydroseeding erosion control is an effective landscape protection process that utilizes fertilizers, water, and an erosion control seed mix. This creates a liquefied solution that’s often coupled with soil stabilizers and sprayed on the landscape. Hydroseeding erosion control is gaining popularity within the landscaping industry because it’s quicker and cheaper than other erosion control methods.

Why is Hydroseeding Good for Erosion Control?

There are various facets of erosion control grass seed that make it highly effective when it comes to hydroseeding. As mentioned before, one of the reasons is that it’s quicker and cheaper compared to other procedures. The nutrient-rich slurry has the ability to trigger to the germination phase within five hours. Even less time is consumed if the landscape has an abundance of water and established irrigation channels.

Another aspect of erosion control seed mix to take note of is that this method is very environmentally friendly. The slurry is made of organic compounds; therefore, it doesn’t pose any threat to people or animals. Additionally, the process of hydroseeding is not messy at all, so worrying about creating land pollution would be the least of your concerns.

Lastly, hydroseeding erosion control is a very cost-effective option for those who want to stick to a certain budget when it comes to deploying erosion control methods. It is understandable that expansive areas deal with greater issues regarding erosion; therefore, owners would rather opt for procedures that would not stretch their budget too much.

Best Time For Hydroseeding

The best time to make use of the hydroseeding erosion control method depends on the preference of the landscape owners. Hydroseeding during summer would assist in rapid germination due to the heat. However, landscape owners who want to keep their water usage to a minimum can hydroseed during spring and fall. The only time hydroseeding can be ineffective is during winters since it does not provide the right environmental factors for the seedlings to germinate.

Other Significant Benefits of Hydroseeding

  • Better moisture retention
  • Best for hillside/narrow landscapes where dry seeding is difficult
  • Does not require straws or netting
  • Uniform application
  • More effective in holding soil compared to dry seeding
  • Less water than sodding
  • Reduced possibility of weed growth

When it comes to hydroseeding or buying erosion control grass seed, it’s always good to consult a professional that has the experience to assist according to the needs of your landscape.

Looking for a company that provides you with the best erosion control grass seed? We aim to provide you with the best products that will assist you with all your landscaping needs. Contact us today or visit our website for more information.

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