Make your swimming pool more attractive by adding features like fireworks:

swimming pool with fireworks

Make your swimming pool more attractive by adding features like fireworks:

There’s a chilling in the air, but that’s not a reason to shut down your backyard pool for the winter!

It’s still possible to take part in many events and activities in your backyard throughout the winter and fall months. The addition of a fireplace to an outdoor setting is an excellent method to keep the events in motion. It’s not only an appealing, attractive gathering space and a cozy place to gather but also gives warmth during those cold winter nights!

The addition of a fireplace feature to your outdoor living space is the latest trend. A properly placed fire feature draws attention to your landscaping and connects your backyard space with a comfortable social area.  All you need to do is to contact the professional swimming pool builders in Dubai, and engage them for the job.

Design concerns:

  • We have gas and wood fire features that are available All of them are built to order.
  • Firepits, that don’t structure, can be a great alternative for customers who desire more flexibility in design.
  • He is required to place in the pits a minimum of 20ft from the house for safety motives.
  • Fireplaces, in contrast to rings or fire pits, require more thought in regards to the design, placement, and construction.
  • To ensure that the fireplace is separated from other structures, the staff installing it must be acquainted with local building codes.
  • For fireplaces that burn wood, the homeowner must ensure they’re at least 9 feet high.
  • It’s therefore essential to think about the size of the feature within the overall design “Put it in a location that has the backdrop, a hill or sitting wall that will help you transition the feature.”


The fireplace can be described as a traditional fire feature that can be used on its own or as a part of an area for swimming.

 A fireplace can transform an ordinary outdoor space into an attractive one and inviting one by providing warmth, light, and harmony. 

Fireplaces do not take up lots of space and are simple to plant around and cost a lot of money.

Fire Pits:


This time of year fire pits is one of the most requested backyard features.

They are cost-effective, and adaptive. In addition, they are movable as per design requirements.  There’s the style that matches your backyard beautifully with sizes that range between 3′ and 6′ or greater and materials like concrete, bricks, and steel. 

The fire pits are either gas or wood-burning and are often located close to the seating area.

 The open flame aspect of them creates an outdoor, natural feel but also offers stunning lighting.


Outdoor Kitchen and Grills:

Bring your marshmallow roast to the next level by having a complete cook-out!

While outdoor dining is fun and relaxing, making food preparation an outdoor activity will bring the family closer and closer. If you’re a skilled cook having an outdoor kitchen can be a dream to be realized, and it can make your house the most popular location for outdoor gatherings.


  • One of the most recent developments in the field of pool fire features is the use of firewalls.
  • The majority of these walls feature flames that rise from the top of the wall and illuminate skies at night.
  • They could be connected using a water feature to bring the elements together to play in your backyard’s aesthetic.
  • These water fountains with fire blend the soothing sound of water and the dazzling fire effect to make a lasting impression on your guests.

Further firewalls could also act as a retainer, and help stabilize your foundation.

With a feature for fire, it is possible to make winter the most fun season! You might have believed that your outdoor fun was over however, with a fire feature, it’s not!

Golden Bloom LLC is one of the best swimming pool construction company in Dubai We can assist you in designing an affordable backyard pool and exciting activities.


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