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By reviewing the history of America, Mac Miller Merch American exceptionalism is stemming in American early history. In 1630, John Winthrop governor of Massachusetts Bay colony, in the Tea Party brought an Idea of” City upon a hill“( Ferrie, 2005; 2). Since also America has been defined as a unique land for Americans which still this idea exists. That’s why some countries like France are opposing Globalization because they considered it as Americanization.

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In this composition I’ll answer these questions and the reason I’ll talked about Americanization is thatWhat will be in the period of ultramodern propositions? Will American exceptionalism be hovered by Globalization and is
I suppose this term is a connection between American exceptionalism and Globalization.Globalization Americanization?

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American exceptionalism is a literal expression that was first used by Alexis de Tocqueville in 1831. principally it refers to a perception that United States is qualitatively superior to other advanced nations for its” unique originpublic credomajor elaboration and distinctive political and religious institutions“( Wikipedia www runner, 2006).

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it’s encountered freely has positive connotation and while is reluctantly has negative meaning( wikipedia www runner, 2006). Americanization actually is a complex word in ultramodern artistic review and indicates
Americanization is the term used for the influence the United States of America has on the culture of other countriessubstituting their culture with American culture. When

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Globalization is constituted by cornucopia of global connectionssimilar as World Wide Web, telephone, announcementstelevisionvideotape CDs and etc) and understanding of them. Since 1970 we’ve witnessed an period of accelerated globalization.

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telephone, announcementstelevisionvideotape CDs and etc) and understanding of them. Since 1970Americans identify themselves more explosively than the people in other republicAbout 71 of Americans are” veritably proud” of living in America. This is by the way that only 38 of French and 21 of Germans and Japanese are proud of living in their own countries( Wilson, 2006; 1). Three- lathers of

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Americans believe that spreading American culture around the world is a good idea but just one- forth of French suppose the same about French culture. By this brief statistic we can realize the depth of American exceptionalism among Americans. elderly in January 29th 1991 said” we’re American; we’ve unique responsibility to do the hard work of freedom and when we dofreedom works”( Sellevold, 2002, 46).
About Globalization, Herbert Schiller indicated that the global communication diligence are dominated by www runner, 2006). Americanization actually is a complex word in ultramodern artistic review and indicates

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www runner, 2006). actually is a complex word in ultramodern artistic review and indicatesUS- controlled potscited by barker, 2000; 171) and about two- third of global pictures are American( Zonis, 1999; 8). As we know Coco Cola, Mac Donald, Jeans, KFS caffs which are wide spread around the world are American Firstly. Arthur in his book” The Lotus and the Robot” defined Americanization as coco colonization.rtistic review and indicatesreview and indicatesla thersla thers 

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