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Learn Tips to Prepare For IELTS Speaking With IELTS Institute

Learn Tips to Prepare For IELTS Speaking With IELTS Institute
Learn Tips to Prepare For IELTS Speaking With IELTS Institute

What is the IELTS Speaking Test?

 This is a face-to-face communication with the examiner and is mandatory for those taking the IELTS Academic and IELTS General Training exams. This section is divided into three sections that examine the graduate student’s fluency, grammar, pronunciation, and vocabulary. To assess your knowledge of English, the examiner will test your ability to use speech symbols and connecting phrases. Here, in this article, learn tips to prepare for IELTS speaking with IELTS institute.

IELTS Speaking With IELTS Institute

Discourse marks are words and phrases used to make a smooth transition from one idea to another. They are also used to add new topics or return to old topics. These signs reflect your fluency and consistency. As a result, some examples of this are, we think, to be honest, frankly, and many other phrases.

Speaking Test Format

Duration: 15 minutes (approximately)

  1. The first stage is a 4-5 minute “introduction and conversation” phase in which the examinee first introduces himself and then asks you to do so.
  2. In the second stage, there is a 3-4 minute “individual long turn” in which the examinee tells you a specific topic. However, the examiner will give you a few important points, and then at the end the examiner will ask you a few questions about the content you have provided.
  3. The final round is a two-way discussion in which the examinee is given the opportunity to communicate with him on popular topics.

Note that your success in a speech test is assessed based on the following criteria – fluency and consistency, grammatical range and accuracy, lexical source and pronunciation.

Tips for preparing for the IELTS Speaking Test

  • Try not to memorize the answer, as this will not show that you understand the language correctly. The examiner will quickly find out that you have stolen the answer, which will negatively affect your desired group score.
  • The English speaking test is about communication, so make sure you have enough experience in speaking English with your colleagues, at work, or even on the phone. You can also record your conversations and listen to them as needed. You can also force professionals to listen to conversations, which will help you improve.
  • Don’t worry if the answers are right or wrong, because the examiner will only evaluate you based on your ability to express your thoughts and opinions in English.
  • Pronunciation is the most important skill you need to master in the IELTS Speaking exam. It doesn’t matter how good you are at fluency, grammar, or vocabulary in simple words without clear pronunciation. If the examiner is having difficulty understanding your words, you may find yourself in a difficult position. Speak clearly at a slow pace. Speaking faster increases the chances of making a mistake.

Other Tips to Prepare For IELTS

  • Avoid repetition, as this will make the content of your speech redundant. Avoid fillers like “actually”, “mostly”, “so on” and so on in your speech.
  • Try listening to English songs to improve your pronunciation and flow. Don’t worry about stress, but be aware of stress and intonation.
  • Do not be nervous. Make sure you exercise a lot to avoid last-minute stress during one-on-one communication.
  • If you are given a topic you are not sure about, you should report it to the examiner. The interviewer will change it and you will also have a chance to get a good score.

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